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Last year, Francesca Tranter, Assistant Lecturer / Dance Practitioner at the University of Malta School of Performing Arts and also the Artistic Director and Choreographer at Contact Dance company asked if I would like to paint at the annual Dance Hybrid workshops. I sat in on two sessions held by the dynamic Yen-Ching Lin, visiting choreographer of international repute.
July in Malta is HOT- and the energy in the studio was blazing.me dance

It was a challenge trying to capture the sheer enthusiam and flexibilty of young people pushing their bodies to the absolute limits; wonderful to witness the human body at its peak of fitness, revelling in the love of dance and music.3 lr

I find it such an honour to take part in this cycle by capturing as much as I can on paper. I watch the action in front of me until I can identify with it and develop a feeling for the rhythm and flight of it. Something, some beautiful shape will strike me, and I then need to take a mental photograph, an instant snapshot in my mind. It’s like pulling an image out of the air and putting it on to the paper before it fades. I can’t look back until it takes form, and then I can move on to another. I don’t really ‘see’ the pictures as I produce them, and they often surprise me afterwards.26 lr10 lr sold

I used a type of paint 28 lrcalled gouache for these works; it is similar to watercolour, but has more body to it. I love the fluidity and versatility of the medium. It can be used as a solid colour or in thin washes. For the linear definition is the paintings I used Neopastel, a soluble crayon which again gives me the choice of wet or dry drawings. Where it touches the washes of colour, it dissolves and fuses with the paint, which I feel adds to the sense of movement and action.
To see more of the collection please go to http://www.jenicaruana.com/dance-and-movement.html The paintings are approximately 50 x 35 cms,  and are 27 euro each. Please contact me through the website if you have any queries or if you are interested in purchasing any of them.37 lr sold