CovidvirusSecret Stones are very popular. People paint a small stone and hide it within view where someone is almost definitely going to find it. Then they take it and hide it somewhere else.

CovidvirusChildren love it, and they are very creative with their painting. And it’s very popular with people with learning difficulties too.

CovidvirusLess than a fortnight ago, a lady called Anna painted a snake’s head and placed it on the edge of a village green in Crowborough, East Sussex. Now there are nearly 3,000 painted stones behind it, stretching halfway round the green.

CovidvirusAs her name’s Anna, it’s called the Crowborough Annaconda!

CovidvirusRainbows, painted by children, are very popular. And there are messages about Coronavirus and the NHS and local groups of Nursery Schools, Boy Scouts, etc.

CovidvirusThere are memorial stones dedicated to loved ones, and other stones with just a name and date on them.

CovidvirusOthers have popular characters like Spiderman or Batman, Peanuts, etc.

CovidvirusMany of the stones have amazing art work on them, and others are pictures carefully done by children.

CovidvirusOne night, in the early hours, some idiots spent a lot of time loading a lot of the stones in their car and throwing them in people’s gardens, even piling them up in driveways.

CovidvirusEveryone returned the stones, and no doubt the morons who did it are known locally by now as Crowborough is a sociable town.

CovidvirusI really hope that the local Council finds some way to preserve and protect it as a historical memorial, and doesn’t remove it for some ‘Ealth & Safety reason!

CovidvirusIt’s proving to be a famous local attraction, and people are travelling there to walk along, admiring the stones.

CovidvirusThe Rock Snake is at Chapel Green and there is a sign where the head is.


PS I politely asked  a young couple with a little boy if I could take their photo, looking at the stones. The man glared at me and said, No, we’ll leave it.

I’m afraid that I got annoyed and replied, We’re not dangerous! I travel the world taking photos of people and the only problems I have are with English people. How can you be afraid of a camera?

The woman shrugged and smiled, a bit embarrassed, and said, that’s the way things are now.

I said, Well I think it’s very sad.

And I do.