By Annick Dournes and Frederic de Poligny


Made in Paris logo

This year for the very first time a new quality label, “Fabriqué à Paris” has been created to select and promote craftsmen making excellent products from A to Z in their Parisian workshops.

These trophies will be awarded each year allowing talented men and women to become known to the general public while customers and tourists will know how and where to find exclusive Parisian products. 234 craftsmen have been preselected and among them only 15 were able to get the precious label last December 2017. Whether jewels, food produce, bicycles, clothes, shoes, musical instruments or lingerie, it’s an eclectic selection of goods that will fulfil all kinds of expectations.


Gorgeous chocolate at Fouquet

Let start with one of the most desirable treat of Paris and discover the decadent chocolates made by “Fouquet”. Since 150 years they delightful address is the meeting place for all gourmands. Chocolates, crystallized fruits, toffees or marrons glacés are made according to traditional recipes and using the very best ingredients. On your next stay in Paris make sure to visit this shop at walking distance from the Opera or buy online at (unfortunately only in French).

“Fouquet”, 36 rue Laffitte in the 9th district of Paris.


Authentic Parisian bike by Maison Tamboine

The “Maison Tamboite” makes bicycles for over 100 years in the heart of Paris. This workshop is hidden in a small charming cobbled street in the Bastille district, an exclusive address known only by the initiated. Beautiful bikes’ lovers go there to get tailor made bicycles that combine knowhow, noble materials, refined design and modern technology. These amazing and expensive bikes are exported worldwide, as far as Japan or even Korea. Being such beautiful objects one may wonder if their owners reaaly drive them or if they keep them inside their homes like true “objet d’art”!

“Maison Tamboine”, 20 rue Saint Nicolas, 12th district


Exceptional treat the Parisian honey

Bees are getting more and more busy in Paris and there are today many hives on many Parisian roofs. Gathering nectar and pollen in the city’s parks and gardens as well as on the private flowerpots that ornate many Parisian windows these wonderful insects manage to make several tons of honey each year! Quality is quite good since using pesticides is forbidden in Paris for several years now. Parisian honey pots are affordable and easy to bring back home. “Apis Civi, Miel de Paris” got its precious label “Fabriqué à Paris” last December and you can buy their beautiful square honey jars in Parisian delicatessens and online at:


Victor Iermito’s workshop

Craftsmanship is a valuable tradition in Victor Iermito’s family. His grandfather was a craftsman in wrought iron, his father was a cabinet-maker and he today is one of the most talented French stringed-instrument maker. Working mostly for professional musicians such as Rudi Flores or Tomas Bordalejo, he makes beautiful guitars using only the finest wood. The “Fabriqué à Paris” trophy was awarded to his eco-responsible guitar made with sustainable woods, natural varnish and recycled horn.  You can visit his shop in the 12th district of Paris, 94 Poniatowski Boulevard.


Colourful toile-de-laque samples at Atelier Maury

“Atelier Maury” is a Parisian company of art craftsmen and restorers specialized in gilding, polychrome decors and “toile de laque”. They got the “Fabriqué à Paris” label for their unique “toile de laque” an amazing technique allowing to coat linen or cotton with a traditionally made lacquer of many different colours. It allows Atelier Maury’s craftsmen to create incredible smooth, wrinkling or textured cloth used on walls or furniture for an unusual home decoration. You can visit their showroom by appointment at rue Saint Sabin, 45, in the 11th district.

The other winners are:

*The “Maison Coudert”, a clothes designer located in the 20th district, rue des Envierges, 25

*The “Maison du Verrier”. These craftsmen createa glass objects including  beautiful lamps. Avenue Daumasnil, 101, in the 12th district

*Philippe Atienza shoe maker. Avenue Daumesnil, 53, in the 12thh district

*The “Au Fin Gourmet” delicatessen. Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine, 124, 12th district

*Lucas de Stael, a spectacle frame maker. Rue d’Aubervilliers, 34B, in the 19th district

*Paloma Casile, a lingerie creator. Rue du Jour, 10 in the 1st district

*Marcia de Carvalho, who makes clothes with recycled materials. Rue des Gardes, 2, in the18th district

This list can be a useful address book on your next visit to Paris allowing you to discover all kinds of products actually made in Paris by skilful craftsmen. The list will get longer each year with awarded new shops and workshops to discover.

Text ©Annick Dournes