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Choreographic genius Petr Zuska and his Solo for the two of us!

Petr Zuska Foto P fmt
Petr Zuska

There are good performances. You will come home with a good feeling, culturally satisfied. And then there are an excellent performances. These are those who leave behind you a trace, feelings, thoughts and inspiration long time after.  And that’s exactly my impression of Solo for us two.


For the first time, I learned about choreographer Petr Zuska about 3 years ago when I visited the National Theater program called ND talks: Interviews with… And I think you can guess with whom this interview was. Yes, you are right – with Petr Zuska.


He studied choreography and direction of non-verbal theater at HAMU. After various engagements he worked as a soloist of the National Theater Ballet in Prague from 1992 to 1998. From 2002 to 2017 he was the artistic director of the National Theater Ballet in Prague. During this period he also created six feature ballets and a series of shorter one-act works for the National Theater.

Solo pro nas dva Marek Svobodnik a Michaela Wenzelova Foto Martin Divisek

Dance performance Solo for us two contains more planes at a time. As you can read on the National Theater website, it can be a solo for a man-woman relationship. A solo for man and his demon hidden somewhere inside. An adult and a small child that he once was, and who lost somewhere along the way. And last but not least, this is a solo for Jaromir Nohavica and Beat Bocek. Two contemporary great musicians and singing poets who naturally find themselves on the interface of Polish-Czech identity and soul with their individual work.

Solo pro nas dva foto Pavel Hejny

Approximate length of performance including one 20 minutes break is 2 hours 15 minutes. This performance is practiced by the National Theater ensemble. The music is from Jarek Nohavica and Beata Bocek. And what’s great for foreigners? On the sides there is a projection of English text translation.


So for me 100% must be seen in Prague.


Tickets and programme is avaible on their website https://www.narodni-divadlo.cz/en.




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