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Ann Evans says prepare to be amazed by the craftsmanship displayed at the Miniatura Show. 



Pic Boots by Perris Miniatures

Boots by Perris Miniatures


If you’ve never been to the Miniatura Show before, you will not believe your eyes. Everything you see around your own home and garden – or your dream home, is brought to you in 1/12th scale, 1/24th scale, 1/48th scale and even 1/44th scale and smaller.  And the detail and realism of these intricately created dolls house items will astound you.


But, don’t think you need to own a dolls house to enjoy the Miniatura Show, although if you do go along you might be sorely tempted to take up the hobby. However, these wonderful miniatures of just about everything imaginable, make for unique ornaments for your shelves. You can mirror your own interests with tiny replicas of things you love. Imagine a scaled down version of your dressing table sitting on your full-sized dressing table. Or a miniature pile of books standing on your bookcase.



Pic Books and bookcase by Ellie de Lacy Miniatures

Books and bookcase by Ellie de Lacy Miniatures


The Miniatura Show, run by Andy, Bob and Muriel Hopwood began in 1983 and they have been holding their show every Spring and Autumn ever since. It began as a place for miniaturists to get together and enjoy their hobby – somewhere craftspeople and collectors could meet and celebrate the best of the miniature hobby. This sentiment is still at the heart of the show and its organisers.


Miniatura takes place at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham, over the weekend of 5-6 October 2019 where around 200 stalls will be displaying their own particular speciality.

The variety of miniatures you can buy cover every period in history, from Medieval Times, through Tudor Times, the Regency period, the Victorians, Edwardians up to modern day and all eras in between. There are dressed scaled dolls from all these periods in history, their fashions meticulously researched and created, right down to the fabrics chosen.



Pic DIY Dollshouse style by Shepherd Miniatures

DIY Dollshouse style by Shepherd Miniatures


For some of the exhibitors it’s their line of work, for others it’s their hobby, but for every single one their passion for their work is the key factor. You’ll discover that they are busy the whole year round creating their own particular type of miniatures. For some it’s miniature food and accessories, cakes, cheeses, meat, fish and veg all looking good enough to eat. Others choose lingerie, haberdashery, millinery and footwear. There’s incredible furniture, scaled not only in width, height and depth, but also in the thickness and the grain of the wood. Many experts build their cabinets and bureaus using the same methods as carpenters and furniture makers of full-sized furniture.


There are trained glassblowers turning their skills to creating delicate and intricate glassware in miniature. Also, silversmiths, bookbinders, ceramic experts, clockmakers – all using their skills to create incredibly lifelike dolls house miniatures.



Pic Bureau by Mini McGregor

Bureau by Mini McGregor


If you’re thinking of getting a dolls house, this is the place to be. You can see the styles and the quality. There’s everything from grand Georgian houses to quaint country cottages, from crooked old Dickensian buildings to beach huts. You’ll find churches, castles, greenhouses, tree houses, enchanted fairy dwellings and dark Victorian dungeons and so much more. There are even dolls house kits in different scales to suit your pocket and the space you have in your home.


Plus, there’s everything to decorate and dress the house, from choosing the wallpaper to kitchen and bathroom units, to the lighting, carpets and framed pictures for the walls. You really can build your dream home.  Plus, the show runs a variety of hands-on workshops, where you can have a go at making a miniature item yourself, with expert guidance on hand to help you along the way.



Pic Garden shed in quarterscale by Little House at the Priory

Garden shed in quarterscale by Little House at the Priory


There’s always a lovely friendly atmosphere at the Miniatura Show. Visitors enjoy meeting the makers of items they’ve bought on-line and via the artisan’s websites; and the craftsmen and women enjoy meeting their customers.

Talking about the fascination for miniatures, Muriel Hopwood of Miniatura says, “After over 35 years of being involved in various aspects of this amazing and absorbing hobby I still don’t know the answer. The people who regularly come to Miniatura are as assorted a group as it’s possible to imagine. All walks of life, most age groups, hugely diverse social and economic sections, and many different countries are all represented.


“The common denominator must therefore be the fascinating subject matter and mind-blowing standards of perfection achieved by the artists and crafts people who conjure up perfect miniature pieces of fine art quality in all manner of materials. Quality shines through at every stand and as everyone knows quality is irresistible.”



Pic Exquisite furnishings on Simply Silk stand

Exquisite furnishings on Simply Silk stand


Miniatura takes place on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th October 2019 at the National Exhibition Centre, Birmingham. For more details and to book tickets, go to: