This week I pottered off to Ynyslas,, to visit Zana who runs Blue Island Ceramics for a spot of ceramic painting.. Paint Your Own Pottery is a great activity to do with children, but to be honest I enjoyed it just as much as my children.

Upon arrival I was welcomed by Zana and a big friendly smile. In her small and busy pottery studio there are lots of examples or work and ideas for painting pottery. I spied a lovely plate that had been created to commemorate someone’s wedding day. This lovely commemorative plate had been signed by all the guests in attendance and then acted as a lasting keepsake.

I went to pottery painting in order to get six month old Rosaleigh’s handprint and foot print placed on a plaque, it’s something that I have done with my other two children and I really like seeing how their handprints have grown over the years. The idea of getting a handprint from a little one is always quite a nice one although the reality is that you will be embarking on a small scale battle with your infant and it is one that they will ultimately win.  Yes, indeed whilst in my mind I would be spending a wonderful afternoon gaining the little hand and foot print of my precious cherub that would yield lasting memories, in reality it  yielded lovely memories of a fight to get a handprint on the plate rather than on my leg, face or indeed hers.

Hattie, Libby and Rosa all got there handprints put onto a plate and it was well worth the battle with little Rosaleigh because a week later and the painted plate arrived back glazed and looking fantastic.

Zana offers all sorts of pottery painting experiences from children’s Birthday parties, where you can can take your own food and drink to enjoy once you’ve finished painting; to hen parties where you can create lasting memories whilst sipping  glass of something sparkling.

As well as being able to create unique designs on plates, mugs and cake stands there is also a great selection of lovely pottery to paint all year round, Easter eggs to fill with little chocolate eggs, Spooky Halloween Witches, Skulls and Pumpkins, really cute Christmas Ornaments, Baubles and Christmas Figures.

Blue Island Ceramics is situated in a very beautiful part of West Wales called Ynyslas, (which means Blue Island in Welsh), though as a local I am really pleased that Zana has opened up something to entertain my children;  if you’re visiting the beautiful area, I would imagine it to be a great idea to paint a holiday souvenir to remind you of the lovely beach and sand dunes that the area boats.

I shall be returning to Blue Island Ceramics next week to create a christening plate for baby Rosaleigh and I can’t wait to get creative. If you fancy a creative afternoon then take look at the website .