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Art In The Savill Garden

Acers in Autumn
Acers in Autumn

Colour, shape, form and composition, ever-changing, ever growing. Nature is art. It surprises us every hour, every day. A flower opening its petals, droplets of water balancing on leafy surfaces, a glory of greens, a breeze creating graceful motion, the sun casting shadows and highlighting vivid hues while contrasting shades peep through to create palettes of colour. A master canvas on show.

All this is on display in full technicolour at The Savill Garden, a tranquil haven encapsulating a manicured, ornamental English garden which branches out towards Great Windsor Park and to its Royal connections. Not only will you discover rare plants from around the world, arranged in stunning seasonal displays but set amidst this natural beauty is a collection of art structures designed to complement and enhance the landscape. And it’s just like a treasure hunt, around a tree, over a bridge or along a meandering pathway, you will find no fewer than 66 inspirational sculptures, each  providing new perspectives to the Garden’s natural beauty and each carefully positioned.


In a mixture of materials, colours, shapes and sizes, these pieces of art add a new dimension to a walk through the park and each is accompanied with a plaque to bring to light its meaning and representation. There’s Pigasus (Flying Pig) and Sisterhood created in bronze and copper resin. Perched on an oak base is Tower of Graces, an elegant, sinuous piece.  Sculptures in stainless steel have been moulded into recognized natural likenesses of a Maple Leaf Tree and Blossom. Milk Drops are formed in white ceramic which certainly earn a smile as well as Who Said Nuts which stands proudly in bronze and copper. A Startled Hare in iron resin sits patiently on the edge of the pathway while the Blue Shard in mixed media mosaic glistens from a far, catching the light, dissipating rays in a halo effect.

In particular, the structure Strong Together in stainless steel embodies a pertinent message during the challenging times we currently face. This sculpture is based on the harsh life endured by emperor penguins in the Antarctic. Quoted by the artist, Seamus Cuddihy, “Strong Together captures the commitment and the strength of character parents need to demonstrate for the sake of their vulnerable offspring. Not unlike how people have pulled together during the Covid-19 pandemic.” What better place to reflect on this observation amid this safe environment of beauty, peace and calm. A time to stand still, to appreciate the treasures around us.


These are majestic gardens, manicured and spacious. As you step onto royal soil, explosive shades of purple and pink greet you at the entrance borders. Wooden bridges lead you over streams and lakes, soft lawns cushion underfoot while the vivid reds of the Acer trees add to the colourful backdrop. This landscape continues through to the Rose Garden where perfumes chaperon you as you weave your way through the myriad of pathways and measured hedges.

Located just four miles from Windsor, The Savill Garden is an artistic horticultural attraction,  a royal escape into nature and an artistic gallery of colour and arrangement. A place to reflect and a place to enjoy art in a natural setting.


A Royal History

Commissioned by George V and created by Sir Eric Savill in 1932, The Savill Garden, is set in the heart of Windsor Great Park. It is a natural haven of 35 acres of beautifully designed and interconnecting gardens and woodland. Savill Garden’s royal history is evident as you walk through, from the original Weeping Willow tree to the Queen Elizabeth II Temperate House opened by Her Majesty The Queen in 1995. The Golden Jubilee Garden, a modern representation of the much-loved cottage garden, was opened by Her Majesty in July 2002 and in 2010, The Rose Garden was also opened by Her Majesty. The New Zealand Garden uses native plants gifted to Her Majesty from a state visit in 1986.



For more information:

Art in the Garden is: www.windsorgreatpark.co.uk/art

The Savill Garden is: www.windsorgreatpark.co.uk/savillgarden

To book tickets is: www.windsorgreatpark.co.uk/book

The collection exhibition scattered around the Garden is by The Surrey Sculpture Society, founded in 1994. www.surreysculpture.org.uk

Jane Wilson is editor of www.thehealthcareholiday.com and www.thewellnesstraveller.co.uk


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