The invisible pictures – do you know about them?
Yes – ancient pictures that actually become visible,
then invisible!

But first, I must share with you something that
happened  when my wife Josephine and I went to a
summer fair.

Across from the beach a whole lot of folk had set
up stalls, selling clothing, pot plants, crafts,
food, souvenirs, and what have you.

Next door was an art gallery… so we strolled in
– and were greeted by an amazing sight…


It revolved around an amazing Maori man named
Rei Hamon.

Rei was an artist that used only dots.

Rei was recovering from a crippling farm accident
which left him almost paralysed.

In 1965, with a family to feed and bills to pay,
Rei and his wife Maia prayed for a solution.

Upon rising from his knees Rei picked up a
ballpoint pen and pad that had been left behind by
his youngest daughter and began to draw –
something he hadn’t done since his early days in
primary school.

It was an inspired beginning.

With much practice he developed a unique and
unorthodox style called Pointillism, a drawing
made up of millions of tiny dots.

That’s right. Just black dots… nothing more.

Feeling a little embarrassed with his first
works, Rei cautiously hid them from view.

But his wife Maia, found them and showed them
to a local photographer.And he took them to
the director of an art gallery.

After that, Rei developed the control and
discipline to capture in superb detail the New
Zealand forest, from the giant Kauri tree to the
tiny Manuka flower.

Today his art is found throughout the world in
galleries and private collections.

But you’ve seen nothing. Just listen to this…


What about the faces that change gender? are these
for real?

Yes, these were dug up in Germany and belong to
what you might term the “pre-glacial” period.

These are actually giant stones resembling human

They were dug out of the ground in Hamburg, by
an excavator under the direction of engineer
Hans Elieschlager.

Professor Walther Matthes, a German archaeologist,
examined them.

Some figures had two faces, and when they were
turned 125 degrees, a man’s face turned into a
woman’s face.

This astonishing discovery was reported in the
Russian review Technique and Youth, November 6,

An isolated find? Not really.

Sophisticated ancient art may be more common than
you think – all over the world, in fact.

For an amazing sight,just go to the Plateau of
Marcahuasi, in Peru. And what is to be found


Four-dimensional art, no less. And what is that?
Okay, let me put you in the picture.

Here you will find outdoor carvings. According to
the angle of vision, these have several faces— but
you have to move into the right spot to distinguish
each of them.

As you move, they disappear or change into other

Many become visible, then invisible again, seen
only at noon, or twilight, or certain other hours,
or at one of the solstices—and at no other time.

Visible, then invisible ancient sculpture has also
been found elsewhere in South America, as well as
in England (at both Stonehenge and Avebury) and in
France  (southern Brittany).


Among other sculptures on the Marcuahasi Plateau
of Peru is a figure of an old man, that when
photographed, changes into the carved face of a
radiant youth.

But this happens ONLY WHEN PHOTOGRAPHED. Can you
think of any reason why this would happen? How can
we explain this sculptural mystery, which is
revealed only in the photograph?

Between you and me, it is hard to see how an artist
could achieve this effect even with the benefits of
modern science.

Primitive ancient artists? No way!

The artists needed incomparable skill to make the
shapes appear only from certain angles and under
certain specific conditions of sunlight.

These examples I have shared weith you belong to
a vast complex of monuments and sculptures covering
a square mile, and using whole cliffs.

Interestingly, here you will also discover images
of all the main human races and of animals from
other parts of the world.

Yes, these are ancient. So what does that suggest
to you?

For one thing, that global travel must have been
going on – and that different races were in contact
with each other.

But getting back to the art techniques – just think
about this.

Every type of sculptural technique was used:
bas-relief, engraving, and play of light and shade.

The sculptors scientifically utilized the laws of
perspective and optics.

Would you like to know more? And not just about art,
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some largely unexplored areas, including parts
of the Amazon headwaters. The author has also
led expeditions to the bottom of the sea and to
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He lectures internationally.