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It’s Christmas time. In few days, gifts and presents will be opened, parties and celebrations will start. Las Vegas itself is always on the party mode, unlike its people because people don’t be only partying everyday. Most of the people work two jobs so they be waiting for these special occasion to celebrate. Christmas is one of the religious feasts that people be impatiently waiting for. It went over the religious concept to become a tradition which people uses to express their love for each others and their gratitude for their belief. Winter Solstice is a time when the very ancient people used to celebrate a variety of beliefs. It was around December the 25th up to January the 6th. Around that time, coldness was dreadful and deadly, everything is frozen and ruined. People have noticed that there was only one tree that despite the cold, it would still remain alive, the Evergreen tree or the Fir tree. So people used to cut them sometimes and put them inside their houses believing that these trees hold some kind of spiritual power or life power inside, especially for those who worship nature. c SignatureThese ceremonies have developed and we still see them today. Every family today buy a tree and decorate it with lights, pretty. As part of the Christians believe, Christmas time is the time Jesus was born and the gifts represent the act of the wise-men who brought gifts for Jesus birth. Question is, where does Santa Claus fit in all this because there is no evidence that any of the wise-man wear a red suit and have a long white beard. SignatureFrom the ancient writings of Beowulf, comes the character of St. Nicholas who was later believed to come on December the 25th. Nicholas or Nicker or Nickel was believed to be the evil spirit of the North, a Deamon. Germans used to call him Pelz Nickel which means “Furry Devil” and they depicted him as a man with red furr coat. It doesn’t matter the when as much as the content so I’ll just hope for the people to keep the spirit of Christmas around Jesus teachings. SignatureI’ve seen people shopping for days for Christmas and end up being in debt for months, I don’t think Jesus would be content with what theh put themselves in just to celebrate his birth. We can love each others many different way, it doesn’t have to be material.b Signature So let’s be easy on ourselves and each others. Let us as well give credit to the fathers and mothers who work hard to buy gifts, I don’t think Santa Claus has anything to do with what you did.

Merry Christmas to the world.