Garden at the Sussex Oak

Love them or hate them, we all have a birthday as we notch up yet another number on our board of life.  I used to love birthdays, but the last few years, due to ill health, they have been low key affairs, in fact 2015 was spend sleeping on the settee or in great pain  as I waited for my blood count to increase before my long awaited hip replacement surgery could go ahead.  However this year, despite it not being a BIG birthday, my birthday has been celebrated in style and so far has lasted for two weeks, and is set to continue well into next week.

The Sussex Oak

It began a few days before my birthday when we met up with friends from Surrey and had an excellent pub lunch and long chat at the Sussex Oak in Warnham, the half point for us both.  We had not seen each other for almost a year, so while the husbands chatted about manly things we launched into a variety of subjects including our mutual interest in writing.


The following day at my novel writing group we shared a bottle of prosescco and a few nibbles before I set off my by hydrotherapy session.   Friday the car needed a service so the day was spent quietly at home.


Saturday was my actual birthday, and  my youngest son, just back from Warsaw in the early hours of that morning took us to a Turkish Restaurant for a delicious lunch in Worthing and having some money to spend I treated myself to four tops to go with the three skirts my husband bought me.   I am extremely lucky to have a good husband and two lovely sons.

Nepalese meal

The following the eldest son took us to a Nepalese restaurant, which was up to its usual high enjoyable standards.  This year I also had more cards than usual and presents ranging from a bag to boxes of chocolates, a jewellery box, some scented soaps and some cosmetics.  I felt like a queen!  Last week it continued in the usual format with lunch with two other friends, and Thursday we are meeting another couple from Surrey, and Friday I am off to Bognor Regis to see yet another friend.  Next week we meet another couple for yet another long natter and a delightful lunch at the Sussex Oak, one of our favourite pubs in the area.

delicious Turkish food

Today my Worthy Words Workshops group held at Worthing library returned after a break for the summer, and we discussed what we had achieved this year and our plans were for the coming year.  It is surprising what members had achieved, and several members are putting the finishing touches to novels in readiness for the UK Southern Book Show, which is to be held at the Pavilion in Worthing on Sunday 4 March 2018. The month’s workshop was on writing historical fiction and some great ideas

Pavilion Worthing

Next year will be a BIG birthday for me and our 50th wedding anniversary, so who knows what the year will bring.