For many years I have been wittering on about opening a shop museum. Since the age of 12 I have collected food and drink packaging and it’s fair to say I’ve amassed an impressive collection.

My collection has been featured in Period Living magazine, and I’ve loaned items from my collection to ITV, BBC and many production companies. Sadly, my collection is now too big to to house in my home and much of it has been in storage for a long time.

Only yesterday I supplied 1980s food and drink props for a television production. As I wrapped up various props yesterday you’d have easily mistaken my lounge as a set from Open All Hours, although I don’t look like Nurse Gladys.

IMAGSo, with my collection having outgrown my space at home I would love to say I am opening a shop museum, but I simply cannot afford the luxury of one, but I’ve got the next best thing.

I’ve just taken over a 1960s garage and it’s a bit of a relic and with it is the shop where the petrol was sold from. It has many original features and will be a great place to display my packaging and perhaps run a small business from. Obviously my other half will be happily fixing classic cars etc in the garage, but there will be a no oily mechanic policy on the shop as I have my eye firmly fixed on it for my food history work.

I’ll be busy working on the idea over the next few weeks and they’ll be lots if photographs. Hopefully, we will get a day off sometime soon, but I seriously doubt it.

Well work and mum duties call, so until next time a fond farewell from Mid Wales