The chaotic rhythm of my life continues this week as I try to complete deadlines, raise four girls, deal with the washing mountain and prepare for my television appearances this week and next. Last thing at night I often find myself bemoaning to my husband about the lack of hours in a day and about the daily task list being completed and thus just getting longer and as a result I often reflect on the time I wasted in my younger years and especially in the years before I had children. My goodness in the times before I had children I could have written hundreds of books and I should definitely have travelled more, after all in those days travel was in so many respects lighter.

Once a few pressing deadlines are completed this week,  I will be turning my attention to my neglected blog sites. I started my blog sites a few years ago now and like all bloggers I started with great enthusiasm and plans and then I allowed life to get in the way and I stopped posting regularly. I have some nice content on the blog and the site looks nice, but posting regularly needs to become part of my weekly routine. I had a very long think about the blog and a overhaul is definitely in order, as a blog dedicated just to food is hard work, especially from the writing and photography point of view, so I’ll be changing my blog to include articles on motherhood, children and chaotic cooking, I feel this will attract more readers and be much easier for me to manage.  However, I must prioritise and the blog is low down on the list at the moment as my other work commitments are shouting loudly.

iStockI’m swatting up on the lovely suet pudding we call ‘Spotted Dick’ as I’ll be talking on television soon about the origins of its name. The source of playground sniggers, this classic pudding is a source of continual embarrassment it seems as many restaurants and canteens have altered the name of the Victorian pud to Spotted Richard. I was reading an article only the other day that suggested Millennials do not know, like or in some instances have not even  tasted many classic puddings including trifle, spotted dick and jam roly poly. Instead puddings such as fruit tarts, chocolate fondants, cheesecake and freezer puddings are now favourite and the comforting dish of sponge and custard is shunned.  I love sponge puddings in winter and enjoy a fruit crumble and custard whenever there is a glut of seasonal fruit, I don’t think you can beat the old classic puddings.

In amongst all the other research and tasks I am also researching the architecture and founding of the Ritz Hotel London. I could get happily absorbed in reading over some of my vintage menus and articles from this renowned hotel, but alas I must stay focused and practice my Crepe Suzette as this Friday I’ll be cooking and talking about the Ritz, its founder and what makes it a hotel of excellence. Better get my cognac at the ready and my pancake pan.

Well, as always work is calling and I must complete some of these outstanding deadlines, so perhaps time for a quick coffee and a crumpet, then work it is.