Do you plan to travel to Budapest in Hungary? So keep reading! In today’s article I bring you tips for a trip to Buda. Let’s start!


  1. Transport to Budpest

I, from the Czech Republic, have a lot of possibilities to get to Budapest. It can be by car, by bus, by train, by plane, by boat. Anyway, as always when planning a trip, I recommend considering all the options. Everyone prefers something else but the options are often quite different in price. And I do not think the difference between the price of the plane and the bus. Sometimes there is a cheaper flight ticket than a train ticket. Prices also vary depending on the company. So, if you do not have an unlimited budget, I recommend that you consider as many options as possible and then choose the best one.


When it comes to transport…

  1. Transport in Budapest


In Budapest, like in most of the larger cities, there is mass urban transport. There are buses, trams and metro. I recommend buying a multi-day ticket. You will not have to deal with where to buy a ticket and if you prefer not to go on foot. The good news is that there are ticket vending machines where you can switch to other languages like English, Czech, Russian and German. Which you will certainly appreciate if you do not know Hungarian. Another plus of these automats is that you can pay by card.


The quality of the means of transport is very individual. Some trams look very, very old. Retro.


Searching for connections is rather difficult. Language complicates everything. Here, apple maps help me. I gave the place where I wanted to. Found a route. But instead of driving by car or on foot, I clicked on the icon “public transport”. I have found no comprehensible application in any other than Hungarian language. But I admit that after some failed apps, I relied only on apple maps But I believe there is definitely such an application here! (Tips can be written in comments.)


Another option is hop-on-hop-off buses. But I have no direct experience.

  1. Accommodation


Budapest is the capital city. You will find here luxurious hotels, but also the average ones. Pensions, hostels, camps … We found ours through the website. Another option is airbnb. The main thing to look for when choosing is the location. It definitely worth it to be near the center. Here you can also find a cheaper housing option.


  1. Language


Hungarian is a Ugrofin language. I can not compare it to any of the languages I know. Of foreign languages I do not know, I can catch something at least. Some words are similar in different languages. But in Hungary I got almost nothing. The ability to speak English is individual. Somewhere you’ll be fine, sometimes not. But this can be solved. You always get someone. Or the internet will help you.

  1. Food


In my opinion, the food in Budapest is not so expensive. Therefore, I recommend to try something from traditional Hungarian cuisine at least once or twice. Taste will probably be a little unusual for you. But we only live once, so why not try something new?