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Top 10 Attractions in Angeles City.


Have you ever felt “wow” after visiting a new place? It has happened to many visitors in Angeles City. It may not be the most popular city in the entire Philippines, but never let it fool you. Angeles City is an upcoming tourist destination which is quite smaller and more beautiful. It is overflowed with plenty of eye-opening unique things to see and do. So, here is a list of top 10 attractions in Angeles City, book your flights today online through Cathay Pacific and get ready to explore this one of a kind destination!

  1. Nayong Pilipino Clark.

How about wandering around in a nature park between old churches and houses of national heroes? You can visit Nayong Pilipino Clark to feel that amazing experience! This brings out not only the nature of the country but also bits of the Philippines’ culture and history. Nayong Pilipino Clark has a lot to keep kids entertained and satiated. Grab a packet of snacks and stroll through this wonderful piece of nature! To spend completely two satisfying hours in Angeles City this would be a good option.glen-1

  1. Aqua Beach Club.

Need a spare day from those heavy historic monuments? Visit Aqua Beach Club, where you can get dipped in relaxation for a while. This is such a place that makes you socialize and tipsy. Each day of the week it has something different to be offered for the visitors. Fridays are colourful with beer pong tournaments and live DJs at pool parties. Wednesdays are ladies’ nights. Girls will get a discount on their drinks on Wednesdays.

  1. Puning Hot Spring.

Looking for an ultra-relaxing experience at Angeles City? Most of the travellers find it at Puning Hot Spring! Those hot springs will not only soothe your body but also detox and purify your skins with warm waters. The property with bungalows and hot spring pools is always ready to pamper the visitors’ selves with a top-notch multitude of spa services. Have you ever received a mud mask or massages and buried your body inside a sandbox? All these unique spa services are offered at Puning Hot Springs. There Are few additional wonders here such as a staircase directed to a mountain and a route laid through palm trees for you to explore.

  1. Holy Rosary Parish Church.

This is the place which is addressed by locals as “Pisambang Maragul” and Santo Rosario Church. Its first sight with two tall towers gives the impression of an old castle. The interior is magnificent along with the house of worship which is entangled with controversial historical artefacts belonging to the Spanish era. Even the outside environment is conductive and boasts a Hispanic atmosphere. Overall this is a well-preserved piece of Philippines’ history which is also considered the most iconic structure in the whole country.

  1. The Living Room.

Looking for a place to hang out with your friends in Angeles City? Climb up to the 7th floor of Queen’s Hotel to find “The Living Room” which is your right place to be. You can play games with your friends, watch Philippine boxing matches on TVs or lay back sitting and relaxing for hours. To get some fresh air plus spectacular views, head to the patio of the Living Room. This becomes a quite popular place during festival days which is packed with visitors who get there to watch fireworks.

  1. Pamintuan Mansion.

Pamintuan Mansion is the Museum of Philippine Social History, dating back 100 years or so. It will show visitors how diverse the Filipinos culture was through a collection of great artworks, sculptures, architectures, various exhibits and so on. The entire collection of nine galleries will help you to imagine how the early days of Filipinos went on. National heroes are among the highlights of the museum. You are also able to learn about talks, clothing, kitchens, songs, games and markets of early Filipinos.

  1. Walking Street.

Locals call it the famous Balibago! It’s a paradise for party lovers. You’ll be met with new things to be explored and new friends to be communicated with. This is pretty crowded always, not with locals but with foreigners. The whole street will be dressed up impressively on festivals days. I suggest it as a brilliant spot to enjoy the nightlife in Angeles City. All the vibrant actions in Angeles City happen at Walking Street. Those nocturnal clubs and bar venues will provide you with immense pleasure with tasty beers, good music and also beautiful dancing girls!

  1. Zoocobia Fun Zoo.

Were you looking for an unforgettable day out to be gifted for your kids at Angeles City? It’s here at Zoocobia Fun Zoo, a perfect place for fun-lovers of all the ages. Some of the adrenaline rushing activities at Zoocobia are superman-style ziplining, gravity car racing and super-extreme slides. Get lost in the huge garden maze! It’ll be another novel experience for you. You can also climb up the treehouse restaurant, order a mouthwatering meal and eat it while enjoying the amazing views of the surrounding.

  1. Juan D. Nepomuceno Center.

Any readers or history lovers at Angeles City? This must be one of their definite destinations. One who wants to learn of the Kapampangan history, language and culture, this is their sole source. Not only the exhibits but also the books are very informative. Kids will find it heartwarming due to those understandable pieces of history works. Its three-storied structure will have a gallery, a museum and a library on each of the three floors.

  1. Lily Hill.

Once a popular lookout point, but now it’s a museum with relics from the second World War. The whole landscape is awesome to see with blossomed flowers and green grasses. Imagining what has happened in the past in the place of your step now, can recall that irritating war feeling. Your first sight will be a huge granite statue of a Tibetan monk.

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