Salamanca University low res

Salamanca University


Why not join the people of Salamanca on their way to the office having an Espresso and an amarguillo, scrumptious almond biscuits that are a legacy of the time Moors occupied the region. The place is full of cafes and bars, but the Croissanteria Paris SL serves some of the best croissants to be found anywhere and is very popular with students.

11:00 Be Square

The Plaza Mayor is one of the most beautiful and biggest plazas in Spain and is known as the “Living Room of Salamanca.” The town hall is the focal point of the Plaza, which is rendezvous point day and night. Its shady arcaded sides contain lovely little boutique shops where you can look for souvenirs or soak up the Huesca way of life from its numerous bars and restaurants or just watch the world go by.

Salamanca Main square low res

Salamanca Main square


You have to go local and eat in the city’s traditional restaurants and sample Hornazo a salty, oven-baked pastry stuffed with ham, sausage, bacon, cooked egg, and sometimes even chicken.  Try Río de la Plata, in the Plaza Peso its tiled floor, wooden furniture and white tablecloths are reminiscent of a typical local home.

Salamanca Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco Casa Lis low res

Salamanca Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco Casa Lis

Early afternoon Enjoy the History

Walk across the Roman bridge and visit the Casa de las Conches where the facade is studded by carved stone shells. The Salamanca Museum of Art Nouveau and Art Deco Casa Lis has wonderful  Art Deco glass. The University has an incredible exterior and many museums are all excellent to explore. Climb the Cathedral’s Gallo Tower for incredible views and then have fun trying to find the astronaut and ice cream cone in the carvings of the doorway!

They’re here because when renovations were needed the Archbishop wanted something to do with 20th century included!

Salamanca carvings Low res

Salamanca carvings

Late afternoon Superb food

For the locals ir de tapeo means going from bar to bar and having a small tapas in each with some wine! The Casa de Comidas Montero in the Plaza del Corrilla with its combination of traditional and innovative foods is a well drop in. Go relatively early as it gets very busy.

Live and Late

The city really comes to life when the sun sets, turning it into one of the most vibrant places in Spain. “Salamanca por la noche como ninguna”, meaning at night there is no city like Salamanca with most crowds forming at 1or 2 in the morning. It’s a fabulous mixture of bars and music so do take a nap and get a late start.