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Southport, a Lovely Surprise!


Sussex to Southport was going to take around six hours, so we set out at 6am to conquer the M25, then the rest of the journey would be plain sailing, from motorway to motorway. And the Services nowadays are very good.

We arrived at the Bliss Hotel at midday. It’s beside a lake, just back from the seafront with beautiful views and parking round the back.

Leaving our luggage in the car, we went out to explore.

A fairly strong breeze often blows over from the direction of Ireland, but it wasn’t a cold wind.P1020634

The Promenade is like stepping back in time. On one side of the road is rows of converted Edwardian houses, and on the other side are some typical 60s amusements; a fish & chips restaurant, a Hall of Mirrors, and a Merry-go-Round – an English one.

Do you know that English Merry-go-Rounds turn clockwise with the heads turned to the left, and French Merry-go-Rounds turn anti-clockwise, with the heads facing right? You’ll never forget that!

Southport Pier stretches to the beach next to the Amusements, but I decided to leave it for another day. It’s the 2nd longest pier in England.P1020638

Lord Street runs parallel to the Promenade. With its selection of gardens, shops and restaurants with customers sitting outside, often protected along the pavement by glass canopies, it has a European feel about it. And when we walked back to the hotel on the following evening, all the trees were lit up with thousands of tiny lights. It was like the Champs Elysee. And it’s said that Lord Street inspired Napoleon.P1020710

On the other side of the road we spotted a magnificent old building so we went to investigate it.

It was the Atkinson, a Grade ll listed building which has a theatre, a museum, art galleries and a souvenir shop with local crafts. There is so much going on there that it’s well worth spending time there. And the staff are enthusiastic and knowledgeable.P1020639

The Indoor Market has been cleverly converted into a selection of street food. It was very tempting, but we were eating out later.P1020640

We checked into the Bliss Hotel. Our room was excellent with a view of the lake and the beach beyond it.

The sandy beach is 22 miles long. The tide here can go out for five miles.

After our long journey we needed a power nap – and oh, the beds were comfy! The mattresses are specially made for the hotel.

In the evening we were booked into the Auberge Brasserie.

More about that in another article.

It was Love at First Sight. We loved Southport!


Southport Fact Box Information


Food & Drink

Remedy, 110a Lord Street, Southport, PR8 1JR

Auberge Brasseriewww.aubergebrasserie.co.uk

Auberge Brasserie, 1b – 3 Seabank Road, Southport, Merseyside, PR9 0EW

Kalash Divine Indianwww.kalash.co.uk

Kalash Divine Indian, 1 – 5 Lord St, Southport, PR8 1RP

Bliss Hotelwww.blisshotels.co.uk

Bliss Hotel, Waterfront, Promenade, Southport PR9 0DZ

Visitor Attractions
The Atkinsonwww.theatkinson.co.uk

The Atkinson, Lord Street, Southport PR8 1DB

British Lawnmower Museumwww.lawnmowerworld.com

British Lawnmover Museum, 106-114 Shakespeare Street, Southport, Merseyside, PR8 5AJ


Visit Southport