Patricia Newell-Dunkley – Photographs by Reginald J.Dunkley

Greetings from down-under where the weather is now quite beautiful with sunny cool days, crisp air, and ideal for the smooth Festival of Chocolate in the Rocks, Sydney, Australia. The biggest two-day celebration of sweet indulgence the next being held on August 12th and 13th.

From rich, dark bean-to-bar chocolate made by hand to mouth-watering macaroons, silky smooth gelato, doughnuts filled with nutella and profiteroles hand piped with velvety chocolate custard. The smooth Festival of Chocolate will bring your dessert-craving dreams to life!

The Lindt Lounge with a chance to personalise your own Lindt Excellence Bar and win $10,000 diamond ring inspired by Lindt Excellence and created by Australia Chocolate Diamonds.


Sit back with, Sydney Harbour and the Opera House as your view and sip on a decadent Mr. Black Espresso martini-topped with a delicious nutella doughnut ball.

A Pop Up Baci Chocolate Shop and over ten artisan chocolatiers showcasing chocolate made with skill, artistry and passion.

With all this wonderful delight taking place in the fascinating area known as The Rocks which provides an opportunity to experience an environment where buildings and public places of the 18th, 19th, and early 20th century still remain. It is rich in history and stories of the past can be read from archaeological evidence.

Bird Kookaburra feeding

With more that 100 heritage sites and buildings in The Rocks and the oldest house is Cadman’s Cottage, built in 18l6. The Dawes Point Battery is the oldest remaining European structure, built in 1791, and three remaining walls of Fort Phillip, still standing on Observatory Hill, built in 1804.

Book yourself into the next Chocolate Festival in Sydney and take in the sights at the same time. There is a self-guided tour of ‘The Rocks Walk’, including walking over the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

For those that wish to get some warmth, Cairns is the place to head with temperatures in the thirties.  For a short holiday in the sun Fitzroy Island is the ideal place to chill out. It is an unspoilt tropical paradise of rainforest and beaches, within the calm sheltered waters of the Great Barrier Reef. Fitzroy Island is a National Park, with spectacular walking trails, abundant marine life, and local wildlife located forty five minutes from Cairns tropical North Queensland. It is easily reached by regular ferry transfers on the air conditioned Fitzroy Fast Cat.  It is a perfect location for families, a visit with friends, or a romantic getaway of any kind.

Discover the magic of the Great Barrier Reef, the lovely turquoise ocean water and explore the mysterious depths that are alive with vibrant corals and marine life. Enjoy the bird life which includes emerald doves, sulphur-crested cockatoos, orange-footed scrub fowls, ospreys, buff breasted paradise kingfishers and pied imperial pigeons, brightly coloured Ulysses butterflies which can only be found in far North Queensland and red flying foxes.  There is a feast of beauty to be enjoyed, with plenty of accommodation, plus camping facilities.

Cairns is a fascinating city with a thriving cafe scene, many trendy cafes dotted along Grafton and Spence Streets. Take advantage of Cairns balmy weather and dine alfresco on the Esplanade, with rustic Greek dishes and modern Asian food. Mingle with the locals and stock up on fresh produce, including exotic tropical fruits.

Explore the Tjapukai Aboriginal Cultural Park, just twenty minutes outside Cairns. The Centre gives guests the opportunity to experience authentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture through theatre, guided bush walks and didgeridoo shows.

Discover Queensland from a traditional perspective, The Daintree Rainforest is about two hours drive North of Cairns, and well worth the trip. It is home to the most diverse range of plants and animals on earth, including the rare tree-dwelling kangaroo and the endangered Cassowary. Queensland is a warm and happy state and a favourite to all who visit.

Shelly Beach is still busy and the surf is high with huge waves and the whales are heading north.  It is all happening at the beach.

Here is a poem about one of our national flowers.

Flannel Flowers.

Flannel flowers so aptly named,

Your downy coats for which you’re famed,

Wrapped in your petals snug and warm,

I watch you waving in the dawn,

Below us lies the ocean blue,

The surf is running strong and true,

As high upon this mountain top,

The kookaburras gaily hop,

From tree to tree they sing their song,

Their laughter rings out all day long,

But here among your downy bed,

Your green tinged petals still to shed,

I’ll safely sit and watch with you,

This bushland scene then bid adieu.

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From Patricia and Princess Pixie the Pomeranian.