Travelling is a blessing, visiting places is a cure, it’s a remedy. I’ve been in alot of places like i’m sure most of you readers had, the thing is i’ve never been out of my country Tunisia, i sometimes can’t even go out of my city Kébili due to a variety of circumstances though i hate the feeling of being chained with no chains around the feet. I have some foreigns friends who have visited Kébili, when i’m complaining to them about not finding a place to go here when i’m fed up, their reply be like :”how come Hatem? you have alot of beautiful places there to go to”. I know there are alot of places to go, i know we have the Sahara and how fabulous is having a journey in and through the Sahara, riding camels and partying at night, i know we have the nicest hotels with a great services, sweet rooms and beautiful scenes, i know we have in general so wonderful touristic placed to visit, but the basis of my questioning is Kebili the city center only as the closest Sahara is 30 minutes driving from the city center. My concern is not only about what Kébili offers and provides to the tourists, because it gives alot and a little bit more, but also about what it gives to the citizens who are not able to jump from one place to another even if it was close to them. I’ve spent alot of time believing that the only answer to my question is “nothing”, but then, i started thinking, is it about the place itself, what is in it, how it looks, who comes there…etc, or it is about the feelings we give ourselves being in certain places? This wonder drove me to start seeing the city center Kébili differently. When i’m stressed, Kébili is like hell for me because my choices to change the place i’m in are limited, when i’m in harmony then Kébili is my land of peace, i came up with describing Kébili as my hell of peace, choices are limited yes but everywhere is peace and what is better than having peace with yourself and with the people around you? Kébili is just the land of peace.

Being in Kébili is like being home, you may think you are a stranger visiting this city for the first time as a tourist but as soon as you arrive, no one will even give you an awkward eye. In the center, you can go visit the stores, the modern and the traditional ones and buy the sweetest souvenirs and gifts with the cheapest prices. I’ve also seen tourists buying things from our thrift market, it was kind of strange seeing that though. Coffee shops are all around the city, having a black coffee, a bottle of cold water and a pack of cigarettes, feeling nothing bad, just a peace of mind, it’s adorable, no noise, no city rushing hours, no congestion, no loud voices. Or, someone can run to the parks, there are two amazing parks in which people enjoy having a good time, one of them is in the middle of a forest, i’ve been there last night and there were a group of French and Italian people, they spent hours sipping coffee and walking and smiling around the place, i can tell they were happy, being in a place with a mixture between traditional and modern structure, wearing an outfit of nature. Talking about nature, i remember when i was a kid my father ( God has mercy upon him) used to walk me through the oasis until we reach the ancient city of Kébili, spend some time there then go back home, i’m still doing the same walk up to today but on my own with no company, walking hand to hand with my memory and i love it, i’m sure alot of readers know the beauty of walking across the woods to the ancient city as im sure who do not know it must try it. There is nothing much to describe in the city center of Kébili, but for sure there is alot to feel, Kébili can be the starting point to go to a unique adventure, after a clean breath, an emancipation of mind and a friendly coffee, pack your back bag, take the map and go, start with discovering the secrets of the ancient city of Kébili, then head to the desert to discover the secrets of the Sahara, from the Sahara someone can turn the eye to the mountains where is hiding the pretty city of Matmata inside the mountain’s rocks…. and the trip won’t stop until you decide so. To be honest, i always hated being in Kébili for many private reasons, but sometimes one can hate something as much to unconsciously love it.