I’ve crossed by this place several times but i’ve never been there,

I’ve heard people talking about this place but i’ve never been there,

I’ve read about this place in different things but i’ve never been there,

One day i will and i hope i will find you there..



I’ve heard that people came to the mountains and hills, to build houses they started to dig,

The rocks and stones felt the beats of the axes so they started to jig,

And i’ve heard that rooms of these houses are like holes and caves,

To reach the surface from the depths they built stairs and staves,


Ancient Matmata ; Tunisia, Gabes, then from Gabes head to the Eastern South,

Up in the mountains and hills you stand up looking at this village with an open mouth,

Matmata became very known because it’s the place where in 1970 was filmed Star Wars,

Luke Skywalker, his aunt Beru Lars and his uncle Owen Lars used to share their homes,





The origin of the word Matmata is from the Amazigh word and it means happiness and bliss,

It’s like a beautiful unknown Planet, the beauty of this place you should never miss,

A lot of imparted tales about the Ancient Matmata but still this place has no clear history,

You can hear a lot and discover a lot but this place will always still a mystery,

The weather inside these home caves is adequate, sweet air in the summer and in winter time it’s warm,

They dug houses deep inside these mountains so when the enemy come they go hide inside their domes,


There, the walls are tinted in white,

The philosophy of the place takes away your sight,

Room near another room and another room and upstairs rooms and in the middle there’s a well and a yard,

Take the hand of your guest, grab a table, sit down have a coffee or play card,

Put on some music, read my letters and imagine the pictures you see,

You think these birds are caged in caves but in fact these birds are free,

An underground village take you to the horizon and beyond,

I remember a level in the game ‘Call of Duty’ was in Matmata so to the call of visiting this place you should respond,

One day i will go there and i hope i will go with you,

Then my article will have different stories about Matmata which i will write for you..