What can you do when the media, the politicians and the university conspire
to deny, suppress and steal your evidence … then laugh at you as a comedy
character? This happened to Val Osborn, a careful researcher for 40 years.

The discovery of a 3,000-year-old mine and harbour on the coast of Queensland,
Australia, is set to change Australian, if not world history.

Late in 2000, ABC national radio announced that amateur historian/archaeologist
Val Osborn had traced evidence of the early mining endeavors of the Phoenicians
around 1000 BC.

The discovery at Freshwater Point, near Sarina, included huge sea walls (one
of them 800 meters long) of polished granite set in iron slag cement and copper

Osborn said, “I mean it’s a monstrous thing – you could put three, 200 foot
ships end to end there. It’s as calm as a millpond and beautifully engineered.”

There was also found a bell temple, Canaanite altar and a cemetery.

Slag heaps are abundant with ancient roads, reservoirs, stone-engineered
harbours and the usual petroglyphs and grave sites.

This tends to substantiate the evidence in my two books Dead Men’s Secrets
and Ark of the Covenant that Phoenicians and Egyptians visited Australia.
Mediterranean expeditions came seeking minerals and exotics such as sandalwood,
eucalyptus oil, gems, and so on.

If this find is Phoenician and if it dates to about 1000 BC, then it could be
further evidence pointing to voyages by the Red Sea fleet of King Solomon and
Hiram of Tyre, mentioned in the Bible.

In an interview with Gilbert Deem, editor of Truth Hunter, Val Osborn exposed
the lies, deceit and stealing to which the academic world subjected his

Q. Tell us just what happened to cause this ruckus?

A. Sarina Council requested that I give them a report on the sites. I did
this and forwarded a copy to Central Queensland University.

Q. What happened after that?

A. Well the council was happy enough and hoped that the controversy would
generate tourism as an addition to their economy. The academics however
were not so happy, describing it as a ticking “political time bomb which
they did not wish to be holding if it exploded.” However their curiosity
brought about an investigation by a young archaeologist over five days with
a $10,000 grant. He did not work with me but flatly stated initially that
he did not intend to risk his career with anything apart from aboriginal
history at the site. A CQU representative offered to create a museum which
would house artefacts and findings but warned that they depended upon
government grants for their very subsistence.

Q. What did the CQU report reveal?

A. It was simple enough – confined only to “fish traps and a shell midden.”
No other remarks relative to European colonization can be found in this
report. I gave him a rudder pintles from a large ship followed by a second
pintles found underwater at the ancient boat ramp site. Both artifacts have
now vanished. No display eventuated of course. Today they deny they had
been given them.

Q. So the academics backed off?

A. Yes. When the story broke in the media the academics closed ranks to stamp
it out and denied association, however this is par for the course in
research. Academia depends on government funding and naturally is subject
to government censorship. A CQU representative was interviewed on the six
o’clock news. He was represented as an archaeology expert when in reality
he was an art history teacher.

Q. So no contact with this university since?

A. No. I have been officially discredited.

Q. What about the media – did everything vanish within seven days?

A. Less than that. It was censored within 24 hours. The council broke the
story and my phone rang non- stop for 48 hours. We had to take it off
the hook. Initially I had calls from around the world and the ABC rang
for brief interviews until the discrediting on the six o’clock news and
from that point on I was relegated to comedy sessions. This is the usual
method to reestablish political correctness.

Q. And the newspapers?

A. A reporter and photographer flew in and did a full coverage of one site
which was supposed to run in the Sunday Supplement of a leading Queensland
newspaper but I was told later that a politician killed the story.

Q. So what happens now?

A. I guess we wait for some PhD. to break ranks and to do a decent job on
these sites. As an amateur I can go to jail for digging or for just
retaining an artifact. Officially of course there is no site and there are
no artifacts.

Q. Do we have the expertise in Australia with the experience and knowledge to
handle the specific areas of research?

A. Firstly there is political censorship. You are asking an academic to put
his career on the line. Secondly the history of the ancient seafaring
nations is a blank chapter relative to 2000 B.C. to 200 B.C. and only a
handful of researchers have the specific knowledge of the ancient
Mediterranean sea- trading sagas. In almost every case such research has
officially been erased.

In this discovery we are talking about 4,000 years of history prior to the
British navigator Captain Cook, with Australia well known to ancient sea
traders and with the visitors coming and departing on the monsoon trade-winds
and the establishment of ancient colonies.

This is in direct contrast to the fictions perpetrated by British historians
that Australia was discovered and settled as a convict colony in 1788.

A private researcher goes to the media with historical artifacts, the story
is smothered, and then academia comes in and cleans out or buries the
evidence. The media press releases then become propaganda that deliberately
erases any prior British colonial history.

Even so, the proliferation of discoveries by individual researchers outside
the system attracts worldwide attention and the establishment will be forced,
in time, to reveal the facts.

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Anyway, ,it has been a pleasure to talk with you again.

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