So after leaving the house 5 times in eight weeks, not counting walking the dog in the olive groves, we are now free to move around within the province, drive with two people in the car, both wearing masks. We can sit at bar terraces, supposedly with tables a good distance apart and masks are now obligatory to wear when before they were recommended.

Baby steps but I will not, yet anyway, be doing one of me favourite pastimes as an inquisitive person and be visiting bars. I see tables with four or more people, non wearing masks -well I mean how can you drink and/or smoke while wearing a mask!


Office View

Office View. Parasols back again

Entering a shop or bank, staying two metres away from people, putting on gloves, I think I preferred being at home! Yesterday I went to Mercadona to get some shopping and there were notices plastered everywhere about distance and gloves. There was a little group around the glove dispenser, yet apparently there were no gloves! I put an umbrella bag on each hand and went in leaving the others milling helplessly around. One or two copied me, the others looked baffled.

Phase two is another slackening of rules, but when they are at times blatantly ignored it makes me wonder how much people actually understand this virus. In the bank two ladies with masks on saw each other and went and hugged and patted each other glove-less. They then sat down next to another lady, knees practically touching.

I am happy with my new freedom apart from the necessity of shopping. I went to see a lady and list her lovely house. Entering like a bank robber with sunglasses and mask we stayed at a distance; I touched only my camera and later she sent me photos of the documents I needed so  I didn´t have to touch them. All very efficient, actually far more efficient than it usually is so I might adopt this method going forward!

Las Casillas

 Las Casillas Reservoir and View from Newly Listed House

Going into the office after eight weeks felt a bit odd, the plants hadn´t survived my coffee mug has developed it´s own life, my fault for not finishing it and not removing it from my desk. I had left on Friday presuming I´d be back the following day not two months later! But that is what it is. Seems to have gone quickly now, I just hope that we carry on with the steps forward and that there is no going backwards.

Just as the April rains continued into May, last week it was jumpers, this week it is 30º and a bit of a shock! But here we are rolling rapidly into summer, starting to clean up the pools and there were lots of bare arms and legs around today. I will get there slowly…. some unpacking of shorts and summer stuff but it is here for a while now so no rush

Summer is coming but will tourists be able to come? That´s for the next instalment, if the governments make up their minds.

B-C-Ing-U in two weeks.

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