Our last break, and first for months –  see What a Joy to Go on a Road Trip – seems forever ago. Since the country borders opened I am seeing foreign plated cars galore and the estate agency is just busy, busy busy. We are seeing an accumulation of the normal busy months of April, May and June rolled into two weeks plus the what seems to be an almost panicky state of those who want to buy and get their papers sorted to get residency here before Brexit exits at the end of the  year.

Add to that those that like me, think we will pay for all this travelling with another lockdown and pandemonium reigns behind our masks.  I´m ducking and diving, sweating and driving and houses are selling. But seriously, I am lucky. I live in an area where cases of Co-vid have been few, yes, travel and travellers may change that a little but I am so fed up with the media, especially the British media. My younger brother delights in sending me the ´sensational headlines´  such as ´Benidorm´s a Ghost Town without Scots´ via the BBC.


Rural House for Sale

Rural House for Sale

The latest I´ve heard via the UK is Benidorm is on lockdown again when what I´m reading in Spanish papers about the latest Co-vid news is  that there are 26 new cases in Andalucia and 25 new ones in Valencia (Benidorm is in Valencia). If you equate those numbers to the population of Andalucia which is around 8.5 million and Valencia, 2.5 million should we be worried? I´m not. Life goes on, rapidly.


Terrace with a View

Terrace with a View

If you are looking to escape both motherland and the virus then Andalucia sounds like a good bet, the further inland (like my homeland of Jaén) the better.

As well as selling houses in Jaén we have to list them, or we would run out! I think not but this last week I went to see a beauty. Have I told you I love my job? I love meeting people, seeing houses, seeing dreams of moving come true. But with all the houses that I see  there has only been two that I´ve gone home to hubby and said I´ve seen a house I want to buy. I know a few more that I know and wouldn´t mind if I won the lottery, which is not going to happen as I don´t take part!

This week I went to see a lovely property perfect for living in and as a holiday home too, we don´t get many of those. It should be published by the time this article is – the reference is CJ606 on Inland Andalucia if you too want to exit before Brexit give me a shout. I would love to help you find your place in the sun.

I´m glad I did so long ago.

B-C-Ing-U in two weeks.–

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