Happy New Year to you all. Red underwear or not (see previous article Christmas in Spain Then and Now for clarity) we´re into not only a new year but a new century too. That makes me feel old! But having had a spectacular start to New Year´s Eve, all hubby´s fault of course – I stepped out of the car and into one large dog turd. Fortunately I was wearing boots not strappy sandals, I took this to be a good sign  – after  cleaning and blaspheming – that that more than any red underwear or grapes was my good luck sign. Hate to think what a bad luck one would look like!

Alcaudete Town Hall

Alcaudete Town HallIt has started well 2020 and is a year with nice round-numbered events to come. It will be my 30th wedding anniversary the day after Valentine´s Day (yep, feeling even older now) my eldest will be 30 (at the end of the year) my big brother 60, my baby brother 40 and my stepfather 80 so we should have one big do – a 240 year celebration. Better get planning if that is going to happen.

But even better than that on New Year´s Day my eldest and his Spanish girlfriend presented us with a tiny baby´s vest saying we are going to be Grandparents – just got older still! So it´s January 2nd (as I write) and the year has begun with joy, although I do hope that tiny vest will be far too small, it has been a looong time since I dealt with babies and that size looks a bit fragile to me.

Baby Vest

Baby VestIt´s looking like will have to be better organised this year, not like our Christmas present which Hubby and I bought ourselves (on Christmas morning.)  It is a night away and tickets to walk the Caminito del Rey or King´s Walkway in Malaga province. We´ve never been very big on present giving at Christmas, we save that for birthdays, but come Christmas morning when all was quiet in the house….. we sat in bed and opened the laptop to buy something (we had sort of planned to buy a night away/short break.) By chance an email had popped into my Inbox  offering a night away at a hotel I had previously clocked, plus entrance to the Caminito for less than we paid just for the tickets before. So if you are reading this on Saturday morning we will be absorbing the stunning scenery complete with hairnet and helmet right now. Sums up a pretty picture eh!?

I´ll tell you about it in two weeks. On our first visit we were 7, my 3 boys and 2 girlfriends. It will be a bit more relaxing this time around and the weather forecast is great, not like the drizzle of our last walk. For the next week the forecast says we have sun, sun and sun, our photos should be even better than before!

The special offer was from the same site as our stay in the Palacio de Oñate in Guadix and has some really great escapes – Emociom.com if you fancy a look.

See you in two weeks……