Inland Andalucia Martos Office

Inland Andalucia Martos Office

So it´s nearing the end of June, nearly half a year gone already. Where did it go? Quite a lot of it was at home, but that has been a bonus because I´m now reaping cucumbers with tomatoes, melons, strawberries and courgettes are well on the way. This would not have happened without the lockdown time at home and I am thoroughly enjoying the results from that time. But what is happening now? We´re in Phase 3 and to be honest life seems more or less normal again. I sit in the office, sun streams through the window, the door is wide open and when someone comes in with a mask on which reminds me to put mine on. Hand cleanser is on the desk, my mask on the desk too most of the time and from Monday the borders are opening and flights will be pouring in no doubt. I feel like a bank robber in my mask especially when I add sunglasses – which then steam up and I feel like I can’t breathe and whip it off asap. On arriving at the office this morning one of my neighbours started chatting, both of us maskless, and he told me that the Guardia Civil stopped him for walking on the street without a mask and with nobody anywhere near him. We both put our hands over our mouths and looked around quickly! They took a photo of his ID wrote a report and he may face a fine!

Being stuck at home seems like a distant memory. Clients viewings from those who live locally go ahead and I´m out photographing, videoing and listing houses too. Driving around the beautiful area of Jaén province where I live is just a part of the enjoyment of my job. Even though those from abroad have not been here I have done several Whatsapp video tours with clients which has been fun interacting with people again except hubby and two sons.

Yesterday hubby and I went outside to look at a plane. It’s funny – you don´t realise they are missing then hear one and that is unusual. Back to normality? What is normal? This ´new normality´ title being bandied around annoys me. Life is not and never has been normal. Sometimes I longed for ´normal´ now I embrace every day. Different is fun, changing plans, last minute decisions keeps me on my toes. It’s exciting. Not that hubby agrees! He´s a make a plan and stick to it sort of guy so after 30 years of marriage I’ve learnt not to share my thoughts – just present a plan – often last minute!

One thing that has been difficult and a joy to resume is having a family gathering and seeing grandchild number one expanding rapidly within – seven weeks to go to meet her personally. That would have been very difficult, as I´m sure it has been for many people, not being able to share the birth of a child.

So next month, looking at my diary, is going to be a busy one with a lot of Brits wanting to buy and relocate here in Spain before the end of the year when new rules and regulations meaning lots of headaches and paperwork kick  in. So I´ll be out and about, meeting people, showing houses and driving around the stunning countryside  with mask on and hand cleanser in handbag!

I´m also looking forward to trips again and the first is to Villa Andalucia next week so that´ll be a new addition to Only Spain. Oh to go road tripping and visit somewhere new. It seems like a very long time since we went away. So slowly life begins again not to normality but beyond!

B-C-Ing-U you in two weeks.