Lyn Funnell learnt a lot about Locations after a trip around Tunisia with a group of Location Managers.

Earlier this year, I toured Tunisia with a group of Location Managers, visiting all the film sets.

It was a real illuminating trip as they all shared their knowledge with me about Locations for adverts, films, photography, etc. And now I don’t just flick through a magazine or watch an ad or a TV series; I look at the whole picture, background, etc as I know how much work has gone into it all!

We passed several steep, twisty roads in the middle of nowhere that excited everyone as they were ideal for car ads and they all leaped out of the cars to take photos.

But it’s not that easy; they can’t just ship a car out to Tunisia and ride it up and down a deserted road.

First, the Location Manager has a lot of work to do.

They have to arrange hotels for the film crew, and reliable restaurants that won’t give everyone food poisoning!

Sometimes a catering van is on the site during filming, especially when it’s a series.

There must be ample parking nearby for all the cars and lorries, which often have to be hired.

The Police must be notified so they can close both ends of the road for the day, or longer if the weather turns bad.

Local airports are checked to make sure that no planes fly overhead as drones will probably be used.

The importing of the car in the ad and drones have to be arranged.

Any noise in the area, like building work, has to be silenced during filming. Money is allowed for this in the budget.

Insurance must be sorted out.

And of course, cast, contracts, budgets and salaries have to be agreed and signed.

Everything in the Media or entertainment world needs at least one Location, and there’s always a need for new ones.

I’ll tell you more in my next article.

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