pernstynska noc dance assemble

First Friday in June in Pardubice belonged folklore. It took place here already 27th annual traditional event. Visitors here enjoyed a rich cultural program, tasting many specialties in the stalls and drinking a golden or other drink. For more than a quarter of a century, thanks to the Pardubice – Hradec Králové Festival in the heart of Pardubice, top folk ensembles have appeared, and this year it was not different.


The event was officially held at Pernštýnské náměstí in Pardubice from 19.30 until 24.00.

My favorite sections of the program were a dance performance and a traditional fair. There was still something going on in a total of 3 dance stages. Dance ensembles came from different parts of the Czech Republic as well as from neighboring countries. It was very interesting to see different costumes, dances and songs. It is similar to people – they all are in something similar, they are the same things but they are so different and not the same.

pernstynska-noc dance assemble

My favorite dance ensemble was Hlubina from Ostrava. Their enthusiasm for dancing and humorous scenes gathered a lot of applause from the audience. In addition to this dance ensemble, I also liked „home“ dance ensembles from Pardubice – Perníček and Marcipánek, Holoubek and Radost.

Pernstynska noc

At the traditional fair you could buy everything possible. From delicacies such as trdelník, roasted nuts, langos or grilled sausages, through various kinds of alcohol (mead, home-made beer and others) as well as many products from local workshops.

pernstynska noc sausages

The event was great for all ages. Children could have a trdelnik and learn something about our traditions. For middle-aged people it’s great action to drink mead with their friends. And for older people it’s the same thing. Traditional event where the whole town meets, various folklorists from all over the country, booths and more.

pernstynska noc crowd