Bird’s eye view of Blue Lagoon Nest sea touching lawn

Murud-Janjira is a coastal town located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra, which is 150 kms South from Mumbai. Besides being of historical value, the town has special place in my heart, as most of my childhood & teenage was spent there during my summer vacations.

Zahaan & myself enjoying the evening walk at ‘Blue Lagoon Nest’.

My maternal aunt, who lives at Murud Janjira, use to invite me and my brother at her home which was our vacation abode during our school breaks. Even today, the early morning cycle rides, the coconut palm trees, the sun-set view from the backyard of her bungalow and the evening walk on the Murud beach are the important landmarks in my memory lane.

Elegant bathroom

Last week, after a long time I visited Murud Janjira along with my cousins. It is the first time I drove down there in my own car. During my 4 day visit there, many happy moments were created, which I am sharing here in my diary.

Ascending the second floor of the property

During my stay, I was invited to pay a visit to a beautiful hotel property by Advocate Nazim Kazi, who is like a brother to me. His property named ‘Blue Lagoon Nest’ is located at Vihoor, which is 3 kms away from Murud-Janjira. The sea kissing bungalow is offered on rent on weekends for tourists and office outing groups. The property has been approved by Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC).

Solar Panels that provide electricity to the property

The well-maintained huge lawn, swimming pool are worth exploring while hearing the sea playing a private orchestra that combines the soothing sound of the sea waves and the whistling winds around.

Nawab’s palace view from Blue Lagoon Nest.

Most of the electricity needs at the property is take care by Solar energy. The spacious rooms and elegant bathrooms on the first floor are well maintained.

Exploring the property with my cousins- Sudarshan & Geeta

The sun-set view from the open-air lounge besides the swimming pool was an amazing site. From the same place one can see a unique view of the Nawab’s palace that is located on a hillock which can be seen just across from the property!

Spacious guest house of Blue Lagoon Nest property.

As I further explored the place, it was a relaxing feel to have my evening walk through the plantations around and also bond with Nazim Bhai’s family.

Swimming pool besides the open air lounge overlooking the sea

First time experiences are special to all, my visit to Vihoor, like my drive to Murud Janjira, was indeed memorable and has certainly created good memories within me, which I know will keep cascading in my mind’s eye when I get nostalgic about my Murud trip.


Sun-set view from the open-air lounge.

Photos: Shraddha C. Sankulkar

Family time at ‘Blue Lagoon Nest’- myself, Geeta, my mom and maternal aunt.

Family time at ‘Blue Lagoon Nest’- myself, Geeta, my mom and maternal aunt.

The main bungalow at ‘Blue Lagoon Nest’ property.

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