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Mumbai Memoir 167- Monsoon, creativity & more!

The sway of the swing reminds me of time, everything keeps moving but keeps us align!

When the earth comes to life in the monsoon, the whole natural ambience in and around Mumbai changes. A weekend getaway during the monsoon is like exploring the gifts nature has offered us. Besides this, if there is a good ambiance created by a resort then it acts as a cherry on the cake.

The warmth of a family sets the roots within us, holding together & bringing the best within us!

Last weekend it was an ideal time to ‘wrap the freshness’ that the monsoon has brought along this year, as I experienced a family trip to Alibag’s Radisson Blu Hotel Resort. Alibag is 100 kms away from Mumbai. It takes 3 hours to reach there. On the way there are hills, farms, forest and rivulets that kindles mindfulness through the senses.

Drops of rain hitting the courtyards, softening the soil that was worn & hard

Radisson Blu Hotel in Alibag is located deep inside on a plateau at a village named Gondhalpada. Though the road leading to the hotel was errored due to heavy rains and puddles, but once on the hotel property it’s a different world all together. All care was taken by the hotel staff to create a warm bubble for the guests to enjoy their stay with a smile. Here is a video link about the hotel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m_H4usn7V_A

A heron, a flower & my mom’s flower art experienced at Radisson Blue Alibag (Photo Courtsery: Ishita Sankulkar)

Over the years I noticed that the monsoon triggers the creativity in me. Poetic lines & literary quotes flow like streams of water cascading out of mountains. This year I was happy to see my 12 year old niece, Ishita Sankulkar’s creative side as the artist in her, expressed through photography

Bonding with my niece Ishita

The 2 nights stay at the resort was surely a great time to unwind and have a good family time, particularly after being restricted in our own zones during COVID lockdown times.

Below are photographs & poetic caption lines presented by an ‘aunt & niece’ duo for my readers to enjoy!

Beauty lies in the ‘mind’ of the beauty appreciator’! – Beautiful flowers clicked through the lens of a beautiful mind! (Photo Courtesy: Ishita Sankulkar)
“One can conquer the world only when the inner battles are won first!”
When the curtains of rain fall from the sky above, it hints the mind to be in the ‘here & now’.