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Mumbai Memoir 144- Cherishing the good past!

Enjoying Sand Art showcased at Bhubaneshwar Airport, Odisha

As Mumbai gradually heads in its second lockdown, the mood of the city is pensive and bewildering. On one side people are getting vaccinated and on the other side humongous number of people are getting infected by the COVID-19 virus on a daily basis. Death & disease can really drain out one’s hope and confidence of living life. In such times one feels cornered and helpless, because one looses control on one’s environment. In such times, mindfulness can be the only relief. Pursuing any art form is a huge tool to practice mindfulness. Involving in some constructive activity at home like cooking, housekeeping really helps focussing on the ‘now’, rather than thinking about the ambiguous future. These constructive activities instil self-worth & sense of control over one’s chosen environment. Another way is to open your old photo album (either in physical form or digital form) and go through the old photos and activate the positive memory associated with that photograph. It’s a research proved fact that even the memory of a past positive situation that’s clicked in a photograph, releases endorphin in one’s body. Endorphin is the joy chemical that makes you happy for some time and keeps you in upbeat spirit. Photography is an art I cherish and here’s sharing some of my favourite photographs for the world to see and to encourage all to open up your past memories and derive hope from there to sail through these adverse conditions of the pandemic. Stay Safe & Take Care.


Photo Courtesy: Shraddha. C. Sankulkar

Capturing the stroll of a bird at the Sun Temple premise, Konark, Odisha.
Enjoying at the Murud-Janjira Beach, Raigad, Maharashtra, India


Enjoying at the top most floor of Burj Khalifa, Dubai, UAE
Touching the waters from heaven- Khadala, Maharashtra
On board passenger ship ‘Angriya’- Enjoying in the middle of Arabian Sea, off the Maharashtra-Goa coast, India
Admiring the beauty of The Immaculate Conception Church Goa, Panaji
Enjoying the poster of a Hindi movie that is close to my heart!- Goa IFFI, Panaji