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Minos Palace, a hotel where luxury meets Cretan wellness – World meanderings n°147


By Annick Dournes & Frederic de Poligny 



The Minos Palace Hotel & Suites is located on a quiet peninsula offering great views over the Mirabello Bay and close to the trendy Agios Nikolaos seaside resort in Eastern Crete. If you are looking for uncomplicated luxury, wellness and healthy tasty cuisine this adult-only 5-star hotel is made for you.



A hotel with a philosophy

The Minos Palace is part of the Bluegr Hotels & Resorts a small Greek hotel group seeking to offer more than luxury accommodation in an idyllic setting. Hospitality, quality services, gastronomy, beautiful site, local customs and culture are all taken into account. Here all people matters, of course guests are important but employees and locals are not to be forgotten. At Minos Palace most of the staff members are locals and can benefit from training programs and internal promotion. Gender equality is respected with 56% of the staff being female and all employees are fully insured and have a legal contract. “We do local” is their motto. 80% of the food and beverage served in the hotel are locally produced and carefully selected to ensure top quality fresh products. From food to wines, from olive oils to natural cosmetics… almost everything is sourced in Crete or Greece from local wineries and sustainable farms.



Sustainability is also part of the hotel philosophy with real eco-culture and environmental awareness. A water management system has been set up to preserve this precious resource, the use of plastic is minimized in all processes, glass, paper and batteries are recycled by the staff… and guests are welcome to do it too! The energy consumption is reduced with the use of controlled heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting while all of the hot water throughout the hotel is provided by solar panels. Most of the cleaning agents and detergents used in the hotel are eco-labelled and plant based.



The hotel’s surroundings are also well looked after. In the gardens local flowers and herb species are favoured and sustainably watered. The lovely beach is awarded “Blue Flag” since 1993. This European label ensures guests that the water is of good quality and protected as much as possible from pollution.



Gastronomy and healthy food at Minos Palace

We all have heard of the famous Cretan diet meant to keep you healthy eating fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and good fats, aka olive oil. But a diet, as good as it can be for your health doesn’t have to be boring or monotonous. At Minos Palace Hotel chef Giannis Baxevanis called “the Greek magician of aromatic herbs”, succeeds to make a creative cuisine both healthy and delicious, making every meal a cheering moment. Going beyond the mere concept of the Cretan diet and its nutrition concerns the chef assisted by diet consultants has turned traditional recipes to gourmet heights. Prioritizing a farm-to-plate concept most products are locally sourced or grown in the hotel kitchen garden.



Breakfast simply is exceptional. The buffet is filled with fresh appetizing produce, hot and cold dishes. Apart from the expected wide range of homemade breads and pastries, jams, juices and smoothies, hot and cold dishes you will discover typical Greek and Cretan recipes. There are bougatsa a traditional Greek breakfast pastry made of phyllo layers filled with custard, cheese or minced meat. Lihnarakia are Cretan pies traditionally made at Easter time, filled with anthotyro – a kind of ricotta. The sfakiani pies were born in the town of Sfakion in Crete and look like crepes filled with soft cheese.



There are also carob pies stuffed with wild greens, plain or yummy chocolate tahini, goat yogurt simply called ‘the best of the world”… everything is homemade with seasonal products, everything looks beautiful and tastes delicious. A wonderful breakfast to start your day on the outside terrace of the Almathea restaurant enjoying the view over the beautiful Mirabello bay!



Lunch and dinner are served either at the Almathea restaurant or at the gastronomic Inblu restaurant. They both propose Greek and Mediterranean cuisine made with seasonal products, fresh fish and seafood and locally sourced meat, all with a sustainable approach. As good chefs say: “a good product speaks for itself” and shouldn’t be hidden by a heavy sauce or mixed with too many other ingredients that would spoil its taste. Here also the high quality products are the real stars of the recipes to fully enjoy their taste.



Staying at the Minos Palace Hotel

All of the 150 rooms and suites have a sea view over the iconic Mirabello Bay. Soberly decorated in a contemporary style they are spacious and comfortable. Some of them have a private pool or direct access to a shared pool overlooking the sea.



There is of course a huge infinity pool surrounded by lush gardens next to the Bacchus Lounger bar. If not big the private beach is nicely settled at the foot of small cliff topped by a waterfront bar proposing all day drinks and snacks.

The wellness experience at the Minos Palace wouldn’t be complete without a Spa proposing signature programs, yoga and meditation sessions, cooking and mixology classes…

More information, special rates and booking at: www.minospalace.com

Text ©Annick Dournes

Photos: ©Frederic de Poligny or ©Annick Dournes