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As a youngster in London where as a family we normally spent our Sunday afternoons at Hyde Park Corner touring all the speakers and generally having a good laugh, I was always impressed by those guys strolling around grim-faced and sporting a placard warning that “The End of the World is Nigh” – according to St John, or St Matthew, or somebody or other.


Government returned with an even greater majority in 2017.

Would it be tomorrow or maybe next week, or perhaps next year? When it did would I still be with my family and all my relatives and friends. How will it end, an explosive volcano … a great flood?


It has been a reflective week for me in which these placards have greatly been on my mind. Matters may not be so bleak but they are certainly getting out of hand and the greatest inhumanity to humanity has been created by that puffed up malady loosely termed “the social media”.


A new Parish Priest for Zebbug in Gozo.

Fools and nincompoops have always run rife in society, but now, they are everywhere you look thanks to inventions like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a whole battery of others. Yes, everybody is entitled to their opinion/s and all should be at liberty to believe what they want to believe – no matter how bizarre. The problem is they are not keeping their opinions to themselves!


In the past we had journalists shoving their opinions down our throats; today everybody is shoving them in because everybody has become a journalist and everybody knows everything there is to know.


Moving into his new Parish in style.

It has reached the stage of becoming sickening.


Last week the new Archpriest (that is, a Parish Priest) of the Zebbug Parish Church in Gozo took possession of his new Parish. Now it has always been a tradition in Gozo that such a new appointment would be welcomed by the parishioners by towing the new appointee to the church while he sat on a cart or in a wheelbarrow.


Social media – has a lot to answer for.

This being 2018 he upgraded the tradition and rode on a new plush sports car – “towed” by a number of children who were obviously having the time of their lives and enjoying it all by wholly playing their part in the fun.


An astounding social media outburst erupted and mainly filled with disdain and condemnation about “sending the wrong message”, “children being exploited”, “the Church displaying a show of wealth when there is so much poverty and hunger” … and more stupid and nonsensical comments.


Malta’s main Mater Dei Hospital; health services in Malta rated the 9th best in the world.

How trite can one get that such a tradition of joy and elation should be reduced to visions of greed, child exploitation and showing an extravagance of wealth.


However, that is small beer compared to some distorted comments on Malta’s current economic and political position.


Malta hosted and chaired CHOGM in 2013 and earned great praise from Queen Elizabeth II.

In this weekly piece I rarely touch on politics. However, I find it highly disturbing and regretful that Malta’s Opposition Party has left virtually no stone unturned to damage Malta economically and politically on an international basis, resorting to the international media and social media to portray Malta as a country rife with corruption and scandal when all the facts show otherwise.


Since Malta threw out the then ruling party five years ago in a landslide election and confirmed this with an even greater landslide in a further election, almost every EU statistic puts Malta at the top of its achievement lists, that is the best economic performance, the greatest economic improvement, annual finance figures that show an ever-growing surplus, the lowest unemployment rate in Europe, record international investment, the reduction of national debt, record incoming tourism, record retail sales figures, a record number of Maltese families holidaying overseas – and to cap it all, Malta currently having the ninth best health service in the whole world in a recent survey carried out by the British medical magazine “The Lancet”.


Malta held EU Council Presidency for six months in 2017.

Despite all this the Opposition continues to use Parliament, its linked printed and broadcasting media and social media to portray Malta as a Mafia-run country where poverty is rife, people are homeless and sleeping on pavements and indeed, if we carry on like this, the end of the world is nigh!


Well, take it from me this is a load of lies being put about by a Party that is yet unable to stomach that after 25 years of laissez faire and indifferent Government it has been thrown out not once, but twice by the electorate and that current opinion polls continue to show a resounding majority for the current Government.


Valletta, EU Capital for Culture throughout 2018.

So, forget all the nonsense and lies. Malta today has become one of the most popular tourist spots in the Mediterranean and with Brexit looming in the UK a large number of British companies with EU sales links are actively looking at Malta as the ideal relocation point.


Additionally, Malta has been and is a hub of activity that over the last five years has successfully hosted CHOGM, has held the EU Presidency for six months and whose capital city Valletta has been the European Capital for Culture throughout 2018.


Malta now known as The Blockchain Island, a world leader in Blockchain.

Over and above, Malta has now been declared as the most advanced LGBTIQ sexual-gender equality country in Europe and indeed a world leader, and if that is not enough, it has become a world leader in something called Blockchain (don’t ask me to explain because I have no idea what this is but apparently the international economic system of the future) as well as a leading cryptocurrency area.


Enjoy your Malta holiday all those who want to join in the fun! Visit us and judge for yourselves.


Malta a leader in Cryptocurrency.

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“Those who malign want to buy”

A person wanting to purchase – particularly a property – will do their best to malign it and find faults so as to negotiate a lower purchase price.

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New Government for Malta in 2013 with a sweeping majority.