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Malta Diary   Did the lost continent Atlantis have Malta as its control nerve-centre?





It is an indisputable fact that in terms of size, being one of the world’s smallest countries, on a per square metre (or mile) comparison, the pro-rata volume of historical studies written about Malta and Gozo far exceed that of any other country.


In terms of world history (not merely European) it has an archaeological, geological and geographic importance that spans 7,000 years and – as some theorists would have it – much, much more than that.


Some year back during a week-end of severe electric storms I reviewed a study that I came across by the German professor Dr Hubert Zeitlmair which contends that Malta was the nerve-control centre of the fabled lost continent of Atlantis. Zeitlmair maintains that unlike the description by Plato (who, Zeitlmair claims, bungled the proper facts) in his Timaeus, Atlantis stretched from Egypt, throughout the North African coast to Morocco, the whole of the Mediterranean, up northwards into The Alps and stretched eastwards to what today is most of the Atlantic Ocean and the United States.



He based his contentions on the many years of investigations in Malta and findings in Malta and Gozo that he claims conform to descriptive historical scripts mostly in Sanskrit that were found in Egypt and the US itself.


I will not bore you with the minute technical details (many of which I do not comprehend anyway) but his conclusions are that Atlantis was a vast empire controlled from outer space with instructions and messages being relayed to Malta from space and in turn transmitted throughout Atlantis.



He cites as proof the so-called Cart Ruts at Dingli, mostly parallel lines hewn into the rocks and for which there has not as yet been any plausible explanation except that these were part of a vast network of ruts. In some places on the Dingli Cliffs they are so prolific that humourists have labelled the area “Clapham Junction” after the London junction with its myriad criss-cross of train lines crossing and veering off in different directions.


How were they hewn most accurately? Why do they veer in some places? Above all, what was their use? Were they a form of transport? Were they used for the conveyance of materials? Did wheels or sledges fit the rut gauges? There has been much speculation but no actual, factual explanation.



Additional to these, Zeitlmair cites the vast network of underground water channels and caves that underlie the surfaces of the two small islands and extend deep into the Mediterranean Sea under which they are now submerged. Some contend these underground channels were actually used as a metro system linking several places together.


Combining this evidence with later Neolithic developments such as the stone temples at Hagar Qim, Mnajdra and Ggantija and later still the underground burial crypt Hypogeum, Zeitlmair concludes that the human beings responsible for these developments had an intelligence that was far superior to populations elsewhere.



Zeitlmair then transferred his studies to Illinois in the United States and to the decipherment of many Sanskrit stone tablets that had been found there and concluded these were a form of Proto-Sanskrit that preceded the younger Vedic-Sanskrit and – according to him – clearly verified the thesis that Malta had been an advanced Radio Power Station, that the Three Hills syndrome demarcated the European portion of Atlantis (he relates the Three Hills structure of Europe’s surrounding mountain structures and is further evidenced by the multiples of three to nine (shades of the biblical Apocalypse!). In fact today, Gozo is still known as The Three Hills Island.



Becoming more technical, Zeitlmair claims these scripts were the forerunners of later biblical publication and included detailed descriptions of the Garden of Paradise/Garden of Eden, the Tower of Babylon and  – most mysteriously – a direct reference to the Mighty Mother of Asuara Si-dha who was said to be self-begotten and the mother of a power-birth that was “androgynous” i.e. not engendered by the implant of the male sex hormone – i.e. the Virgin Madonna and the Virgin Birth theory.


Most mysteriously, Zeitlmair claims he cannot reveal this special birth because it is beyond human comprehension and that “no mortal man without understanding shall ever unveil the Holy Grail” until the appropriate time for it comes.



Well, what does one make of all that? Claptrap? Fantasy? Bizarre? Far-fetched? Maybe some grain of truth? Who knows?


Yes, who knows? Whatever there was lies buried deep in the sands of time and Malta’s limestone rocks. What is certain is that the cart ruts are still here, the underground channels/canals are still here and the Neolithic temples are still here. It’s hardly possible to excavate a hole of any proportions without turning up some Bronze Age implements, or Phoenician jars or Roman vessels.



Whatever the conjectures, theories and science-fiction imagination, Malta and Gozo remain a wealth of human heritage and every excavation revels something new and opens a new chapter that throws light on the past.





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