Lichnice Castle was built on the headland above Třemošnice in the second half of the 13th century by Lichtenberk’s Smile. It had a triangular ground plan and a massive circular tower that had an average of twelve meters. The walls of the wall were 7 meters thick. The entire castle also protected a deep trench and a massive valley.


After various changes of owners, King Wenceslas IV bought Lichnice in 1410. and in his possession remained the castle until the Hussite wars. After the re-rotation of the owners, when the castle resisted all attacks by the Swedish Army, its strategic position and power became fatal. King Ferdinand III. issued an order in 1648 ordering to destroy the walls so that Lichnice would not become an enemy’s backbone or a focal point of resistance. Since then, the castle has become a source of cheap stone for the construction of country houses and a definitive ruin.


Accessible is officially only from May to October, but around the gate you can always walk along the path and visit the castle at any time. In the same month, a small castle museum is located in one of the castle buildings. We can park in the village of Podhradí directly at the castle gate. Every first weekend of February, there is a traditional “Winter Camping in Lichnice” event, where the participants spend their night in tents or under the hood.


There are also different rumors about the castle:


1. The legend of Lichnice Castle tells us that there was a secret corridor here. Three daughters of the knight escaped through this corridor when Lichnice conquered the enemy. The people living under the castle hid them. They asked for help. They dressed them in their old clothes and on their way to safety, the sisters told them they had left a treasure in the castle, but no one could take possession of it because it was guarded by a huge black dog. The inhabitants believed it and did not search for the treasure, but after the war, the castle was devastated and some people dared to go to the castle to find a treasure. Every time they entered, the light went out and people did not find any treasure.


2. The daughter of the castle master Milada also lived in Lichnice Castle. She set a condition for her future groom – he must ride a horse under the castle to the fatal cliff over the Lovetin Gorge, where her father died and turn around with the horse three times. Many knights tried to fulfill this condition, but they all ended up falling into a ravine. One day a brave knight (the brother of one of the victims) appeared to have mastered the test because he put his horse into the horseshoe’s demant. Then he returned to the castle and to Milada, who was watching the window. He shot her with a crossbow arrow and disappeared on his horse and no one had ever seen him again.


The castle is located on the Iron Mountains, situated on the rocky hill of the same name at an altitude of 480 m above sea level. above the town of Třemošnice. An air line 15 km southwest of the town of Chrudim.


There was not much left of the castle. Anyway, the view of the surrounding area is worth a visit! There is also a lookout tower on site. It is, however, in windy weather only for courageous visitors. (I was one of them. The beautiful view was certainly worth it.)