Now as I have a brief idea about the Fremont Street’s history, it’s time to live the Fremont Street’s experience. So much is going on at Fremont, I need energy, and I need food. I decided to stop and have lunch there somewhere since there will be no time to think of food when the fun begins. Something knocked on my attention, I lift my head up and there it is, at the starting line of Fremont, on my right side, a big sign saying ‘Couscous’. It took me a minute processing the idea of ‘Couscous’ at Fremont, whoever started that business and chose that location is a genius.

Bernie Cheater, a French-Canadian, started the Mediterranean Café in October of 2011, inspired from his Lebanese friend who helped him set up the business and learn about Mediterranean food, according to what Mayra had told me.

Mayra is smiling face who welcomed me when I walked in the restaurant. She is now the manager and she has been working there for almost 8 years.

The place was crowded, customers didn’t stop coming in and out so my conversation with her was being interrupted but it was fun so I had no choice but to finish it. I have asked some customers about the place, it has a very good reputation. The dishes are influenced by different cultures, Persia, Morocco, Lebanon, Egypt and some other cultures. “Kabab plates are our top sellers because one plate comes with couscous, rice, hummus, pita bread, tzatziki”, said Mayra.

The food labels sound funny but they are really good. They have Baba Ghanoush, Falafel, Spanakopita as appetizers, Kabab, Shawarma, Pita wraps, Gyro as main plates.

Fremont now is different from Fremont back in the days. It is safer now and more organized. With that being said, having a business at Fremont at that time was not an easy task. Bad things happen and those are the things we laugh at and remember after. During her work there, Mayra witnessed some funny events she said: “four years ago, it was Saint Patrick day, it was really busy. We have a policy that only customers can use the restroom. Came this guy and he was drunk, and after a short argument he ended up urinating outside next to the front door, I will never forget that day”.

I was fascinated by the place. The décor is so friendly and comfortable, inside and outside. I had a Couscous and kabab, then I grabbed me a shot of esperesso and sat outside smoking a cigarette, watching people, enjoying the atmosphere and deciding where to go next. I really for some reason didn’t want to leave the restaurant. It was probably because it had something that made me feel like ‘home’.