Holland Park

Safestay Restaurant

I was surprised to find a hostel right in the middle of Holland Park. It seemed to have been dropped there one dark night. It just didn’t belong there. But on the other hand, what a gorgeous place to stay!

Many well-known hotel chains would pay an unlimited sum of money to take it over, I’m sure.

The signs in the Park give directions to the Hostel. It’s right on the edge of the Park, opposite Holland House and the Terrace.

Holland Park

Hostel entrance

Turn the corner and suddenly families picnicking or throwing balls around all disappear, and apart from the fountains, everything’s peaceful.

I’d heard that the restaurant is open to the public, but there’s nothing anywhere to say that, and as it was almost deserted, I wondered if it was closed. So I walked up to the counter and saw a sign saying Open 7am-11pm. Then a lady popped out of the kitchen.

Most of the students are out sight-seeing all day, so I had the restaurant to myself except for a couple of other people. One of them was eating his own food out of a bag, but it doesn’t seem to matter.

The room is quite big with comfortable seats, but the colour scheme leaves a lot to be desired!

There are also tables and chairs outside.

Holland Park

Menu board

Menu prices are aimed for the students’ budgets, which is great. The food is also aimed at students, so expect lots of cheese and carbs, like pizza and lasagne.

I ordered fish and chips with a can of Fanta orange. It cost me just £7.50, and there’s a waitress service too!

Holland Park

Fish & chips. I added the ketchup.

If you want something healthy, the chicken salad looked good.

There’s no alcohol served, but water, apple and orange juice are free.

I asked the manager about the hostel. I couldn’t look at a room as they were all fully booked. There’s a wide choice, from twin rooms to rooms sleeping 17 and 21 people.

Prices are from £17 a night.

Holland Park


When I told him I had several hours to wait until my evening event, he told me to hang around there.

One sad sight; it was a lovely sunny day, but a Japanese teenager sat there all the time I was there, playing on his phone with his head down. His parents must have spent a small fortune to send him to London to improve his English, and that was how he was spending his time! No he wasn’t studying English. The voice coming out of the phone was Japanese.

I finally decided to walk around Holland Park for a bit longer. I passed a table-tennis table and I could see a pool table through the window. I also passed a sign pointing to Luggage Storage and a Launderette.

Holland Park


Then I turned the corner and I was back with the public again.

I walked own the path and went into the café for a coffee. It was £2.75 for a Latte. It was £2 in the Hostel.

Actually I shouldn’t be telling you this. I should keep it a secret.

Oh alright then, but promise not to tell anyone!

Safestay Holland Park

Tel 44 (0)20 7870 9626