Domaine de Rymska


By Annick Dournes & Frederic de Poligny



Since its opening in February 2018 word spread quickly in this remote part of Burgundy, that an exceptional guest house, the “Domaine de Rymska”, the Rymska Estate, was ready to welcome hard to please guests. Close to major Burgundy sites such as famous vineyards, charming towns and beautiful castles or monasteries, the “Domaine de Rymska” offers luxury accommodation and dining in peaceful countryside surroundings.


The winding road to Domaine de Rymska

Domaine de Rymska’s owner, Eric Feurtet is only fifty, but has already had several professional lives. But unlike most people who “simply” change jobs he is holding them concurrently. Born in a farm he truly loved this way of life, studied to specialize in breeding and became a skilled inseminator. In order to finance his studies and to buy his own farm, he had to take a part time job and started to work in a hotel in Beaune, the famous wine town of Burgundy. Several years later circumstances gave him the opportunity to buy this same hotel and today “Le Cèdre” hotel is one of the very best hotels in Beaune.


The outside terrace

Being an hotelier didn’t divert him from his first love, farming. While managing his hotel “Le Cèdre”, he became a renowned breeder, internationally known for his terrific thoroughbreds and prize wining Charolais oxen and cows. It’s only natural that he achieved to combine his two passions in the same place. A few years ago he bought an 80 hectares estate where a beautiful but neglected manor house was waiting for him. After 5 years of extensive works of renovation Eric Feurtet was able to open the “Domaine de Rymska” last February. He named it after the race-wining foal born in his farm, Rymska.


The lounge bar

The “Domaine de Rymska” allowed Eric Feurtet to demonstrate another of his talents, interior design. He carefully selected skilled local craftsmen and supervise them throughout the works. He personally chose all the materials, furniture and countless decorative items. It’s a total success. The five rooms, the dining room, the bar have a cosy countryside atmosphere but in a chic and elegant way. Don’t expect to see there copper pans hanging on the walls or colourful stoneware pots lined on rustic style wooden sideboards! Instead, you will enjoy a soothing ambiance created by the play of soft colours, the furniture sleek design and the use of indirect lighting. Elegance and luxury in the middle of an organic farm!


The private lounge of the Rymska suite

The three rooms and two suites are all very spacious (the “smallest” one is 44 sq m and the largest suite is 86 sq m), and offer the same stylish decoration. Wooden or stone floors, deep velvet sofas, big bathrooms with “huge” walk in showers and luxury “Nuxe” complimentary toiletries, big-screen TV, Nespresso coffee machines, high speed internet access and most of all, unique views over the surrounding countryside…


The bedroom of the Rymska suite

Silence is only broken by the song of the birds, of the crickets or of the frogs! Eric Feurtet will be pleased to show you around the farm where you will discover his beloved animals: horses, cows, sheep, goats, ducks, gooses, quails… Children will enjoy the visit too and sometimes have the privilege to be present at the birth of a young calf, foal or lamb and choose a name for them!


The stylish dining room

In a matter of months the “Domaine de Rymska” restaurant has already gained a reputation for its delicious cuisine, thanks to the chef, Jeremie Muller. After working for renowned French restaurants such as “Les Crayères” in Reims, “Les Prés d’Eugénie” in Eugénie-les-Bains or “Les sources de Caudalie” in Bordeaux, Jeremie Muller moved to Burgundy with his family to cook for the lucky guests at “Domaine de Rymska”. Most of the products used by Jérémie Muller come from the estate and are of course organic produce.


A glass of Burgundy Cremant and delicious nibbles before dinner

Charolais beef, lamb, poultry, eggs, vegetables or fruits… are all masterfully cooked by the chef. Every day he makes a different and unique menu depending on the harvest of the day. When staying at “Domaine de Rymska” we enjoyed a great dinner at “La Table de Rymska”, starting with a glass of Burgundy Cremant, the Burgundy sparkling wine, on the outside terrace with Tempura of quail eggs, poultry rillettes on potato chips and avocado guacamole spiced with Dijon mustard.


Tasty soft-boiled egg and tumeric sauce by Chef Jeremie Muller

Next we had soft-boiled egg with finely cut vegetables and tumeric sauce, grilled beef tenderloin and sweetbread simply served with soft mashed potatoes, a selection of local cheeses, strawberries from Eric Feurtet’s father garden served with a combawa ice cream…


Mouthwatering breakfast

Not to forget an interesting selection of Burgundy wines including a fruity red Pommard Les Noisons . Although the “Domaine de Rymska” opened only a few months ago it already has regular guests who come back to enjoy this harvest of peace, luxury and art de vivre. Why not become one of them?

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Bonsai vine tree to decorate tables on the terrace

Text ©Annick Dournes

Photos ©Frederic de Poligny & Annick Dournes


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