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Favourite Article of 2019; Steve’s Sojourns: The Northern Lights

Northern Lights Cruise and Maritime Voyages
Northern Lights Cruise and Maritime Voyages

The Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) is one of nature’s most fantastic shows and something that has become a ‘must do’ for so many. A vibrant, dancing display of green, blue and even pink illuminate the skies above the sky and provides a truly awe-inspiring experience.


You can set sail from ports such as Liverpool, Aberdeen, Bristol or Tilbury on one of Cruise and Maritime’s traditional British Northern Lights Cruises and witness the breath-taking scenery on show as you cruise the coast of Norway en route to the Arctic Circle or venture firther afield across the Atlantic.

Visiting countries such as Iceland,The Faroes and Norway and ports such as Bergen, Reykajvik, Tromso, Stavanger and Alesund.

Bergen Hanseatic League Houses
Bergen Hanseatic League Houses

The company has a range of Northern Lights sailings for you to choose from, each offering a different adventure with their own added excursions. These optional shore excursions are designed to show you the highlights of each of the ports of call and are available to view approximately 8 weeks prior to the cruise departure.

These Northern Lights cruise holidays sell quickly so ensure you book early to secure your preferred cabin.

Northern Lights Cruies and Maritme Voyages MV Magallen
Northern Lights Cruies and Maritme Voyages MV Magallen


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