Today you are getting two SHOCKING answers to two
outrageous questions…


This whole thing started when Fred (my neighbour) plopped
down on my porch. And he asked me, “Did you see that TV
program that said the Amazon jungle was several million
years old?”

“Yes,” I responded. “But, Fred, what if it’s only 3,000
years old?”

“You’re having me on,” he laughed. “Why, everyone

No, I’m not kidding.

Were you aware that huge stone cities, very ancient, with
paved streets and tall pyramids choked with forest, have
been sighted in the Amazon jungle by several explorers in
recent years?

These mysterious cities were built when the climate in the
Amazon basin was more temperate and the rivers drained a
fertile area, but BEFORE the jungle took over.

(By the way, that’s the very climatic situation one might
expect in the aftermath of a global Flood.)

Did you know that when cities were first built in South
America, the whole Amazon basin was a shallow inland sea?
And some Brazilian scientists say they have evidence that
this Amazon Sea existed AS RECENTLY AS 1200 BC?


In those early days, when South America was still free of
jungle, the human race had already settled and built a

Perhaps you have no idea how wonderful and elaborate these
cities were.  The citizens wall-papered their houses with
thin sheets of beaten gold. You can see further details in
the book Dead Men’s Secrets – available at
The cities were built by people with fine features. They used
gold coinage and operated fleets. Their buildings were of
shining white stone. Their cities boasted magnificent plazas,
paved streets, ornamented temples, round-topped pyramids,
mansions and fountains.

They erected lighthouses and used lenses and reflectors, the
elements of the telescope.

And the cities were walled – not against savages, but the
mighty gulf, or sea, of the Maranon (the Amazon Sea).

Some of their ruins have been seen, so this is not fantasy.
Many of their alphabetic letters are identical with those of
the Phoenicians and Greeks, 3,000 and 4,000 years ago.

According to native traditions, they used a light source akin
to our electric bulb.


Recently a scientific “expert” wrote that the Amazon jungle
has been there for millions of years, that only primitives
have lived there.

Traditional “experts”, I fear me, often constitute near

Little of what is known has found its way into textbooks.
Our sacred theory of evolution is at risk if this
information gets out.

The truth is: Overwhelming evidence exists that South
America was well known in antiquity.

Before the jungle took over, it was resplendent with great
cities.  Mighty empires spanned the continent.  They knew
how to write. And global communication in the distant past
equalled that of modern times.

It is abundantly clear that history needs to be rewritten.


This raises THE SECOND QUESTION: why do primitive
tribes worldwide have NO traditions of having evolved UP
from a sub-human past, but rather that they DE-volved from
superior ancestors?

Here is the truth. After the cities were destroyed by
earthquakes, volcanism or war, the survivors degenerated
into a primitive lifestyle.

Before long, the green forest covered the whole landscape.

Many ancient traditions survive of an advanced culture
which flourished thousands of years ago to the north and west
of the Brazilian highlands.

Their descendants are now scattered as primitive tribes
throughout the jungle.


Again, traditional “experts” tell us that writing was
unknown in South America.

Wrong again!

Books of wonderfully executed paintings and hieroglyphics
have been found among naked Panos savages of the deep
Peruvian forests near the gorge of the Ucayle, in the Amazon
headwaters, in the eighteenth century.  The Indians explained
that the books, handed down, contained a history of events in
the days of their ancestors.

The pages of fine cotton, in external appearance resembling
modern quarto leaves, were bound with a cover, glued
together and fastened by agave threads.

One of these ancient books was acquired by Fray Narcissus
Gilbar and sent to Lima to be inspected by P. Cisneros,
compiler of a periodical called El Mercurio Peruano. A
number of people inspected it.

Every page was covered in paintings and organised lines of
hieroglyphic style characters.

So here we have modern savages, living in a primitive state,
but with a heritage passed down from superior ancestors.

In an email as brief as this,it is impossible to reveal very
much and also provide evidence, but if you are interested,
there is much more in my new ebook “The Corpse Came Back”,
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Evolution? No, de-volution. That’s the pattern, worldwide.

Oh boy, I’m in for it now!

Best wishes
Jonathan Gray

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