By : Hatem Dhwibi


Can two or many distant different worlds share a common ground one day? Yes they can as long as the will exists. By feeling each others, by listening to each others, by not judging each others, by supporting one another, everything is possible. During my days in the States, I have noticed that a large number of people have no clue about what’s in the outside world except the few doubtful ideas they heard somewhere. I have been asked too many times about Tunisia, how it is? Where we go? If it is fun? So I decided to revive some of my old articles about my country so that some ideas come clear.

Djerba is one of my best places to visit. Djerba in Tunisia is kind of like Las Vegas in America. It is the melting pot of different cultures, religions, and civilizations. It is the ultimate destination for tourists and lovers of life. Djerba, they call it ‘dream island’, I would rather call it ‘lovers island’. I love to see the sparkles around those couples walking in the city’s streets and alleys, hands of traditional incenses are coming out of the stores and shops of crafts, a smell that would attract lovers to come in and buy gifts and souvenirs, necklaces, bracelets, hats, dresses, shoes, rings. The beautiful warm weather, the sun, the trees, the sand, it’s all loveable. A nice young lady said : ‘what’s not to love about Djerba?. It is here where I met my soul mate, I came from France to spend a holiday and he was here on a business trip, we first talked on the pirates’ ship on the way to ‘Ras Rmal’. We rode a camel together on the beach, it was fun, the fragrance of the blue sea, the sound of waves calling the seagull, the golden sand, it was so intimate. At night, we headed to a night club, music was so loud, we have been together since then.’

Discos and night clubs in Djerba are always full of people who come to enjoy the music, they play all kinds of music, Latinos, Dancehall, RnB, HipHop, Techno, Electronic…etc. It’s tiny island with a considerable content. My second meeting with Lyn was in Djerba, it is also where I first met Ricky and Paul, they are very nice joyful people. I have made many good friends in Djerba like everyone else does every single day. A series of hotels is placed in the area of Midoun, so close to the beach, while the area of  Houmet Esouk is designated for the presentation of traditions and crafts. A large market where you can find anything you desire to buy. If you are interested in studying the place’s customs, Guellala is the best place to be around and in. In Guellala, there is a great museum that remains dedicated to the folk art and traditions of Djerba’s early inhabitants, their clothing style, their weddings ceremonies and circumcision rituals. It also contains a large collection of pottery.

Pack your baggage, make a reservation, call the ones you love and tell them about your future destination, the island of Djerba and share the best of life moments.

‘Ras Rmal’ is a small island within the island. Reachable through a short cruise across the sea in the pirates ship. It is so exposed to the sun so most tourists go to tan while playing games and having fun as one big family.

Djerba has its magic, and distance is a challenge, a challenge worth working for.


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