Do you know the song Budapest by George Ezra? ( You know → „My house in Budapest, My hidden treasure chest“? Well, I do. It’s what pops up to my mind when it comes to Budapest. A few days ago I went to this place. In this article I will show you my top 5 places that I certainly recommend visiting in Budapest.

  1. Országház

In the literal translations the State House, is one of the national symbols of Hungary and one of the oldest government buildings in Europe. Yes Yes. Speech is about the parliament building. The spectacular building and the adjoining square have a total area of 65,000 m².The Országház complex is 268 meters long and 123 meters wide. And when this breathtaking building was built? Well, after the establishment of Budapest (merger of three cities) in 1873, a new representative government building was needed. Designed by architect Imre Steindl. The construction began in 1885 and was completed in 1904. Over 1,000 workers worked there; about half a million stones and 40 kg of gold were used for the construction. This Hungarian symbol is simply a jewel. My tip? Take your ice coffee, sit down on the bench and just appreciate the beauty of architecture.

  1. Shoes on the Danube Bank

Sixty pairs of men’s, women’s and children’s shoes lie on the Danube’s coast near the Parliament Building. They recall the deaths of the Jews in Budapest during the Second World War.

In my opinion, it is an original and touching way of reminding the sad times not only of Hungarian history.

One of the victims was Miklós Voglhut, a jazz and cabaret singer, but also an actor and performer. On December 19, 1944, he was in a group of Jews who had been forced to go to naga and then marched on the banks of the Danube. They were then shot down directly into the river’s waves. They were killed by members of the Guard from the Nazi Party of the Army Crosses, the Hungarian equivalent of the NSDAP.

Building a memorial on the Danube bank was the idea of renowned sculptor Gyula Pauer and film director Cana Togaye. Pauer created 60 pairs of iron shoes and placed them exactly where the Jewish massacre occurred. Each shoe was modeled on a real shoe from 1940. Shoes on the Danube became a strong reminder of war horrors and the murder of Jews. Even today people at the memorial spark candles and think of those who died unnecessarily at the very end of the war.

Take your time and think about it for a while please.

  1. Halászbástya

The Fisherman’s Bastion is a Neo-Gothic and somewhat neo-Romanesque building in Budapest. It was designed by architect Frigyes Schulek and built between 1895-1902. This building does not really have any great historical significance. However, it is definitely worth a visit. My friends called it Disneyland. Honestly, it’s a very photogenic place. Not only the building but also the beautiful view!

  1. Gellért-hegy

Gellért’s Mountain is a 235-meter-high mountain above the Danube River. At the top of the mountain is the Citadel.

The Statue of Liberty (Szabadság-szobor) stands in front of the Citadel. The 14-meter statue of the Niké goddess is the work of sculptor Zsigmond Kisfaludi Strobl. It was unveiled in 1947 in honor of the Red Army’s victory in the Second World War. There are two other statues at the foot of a female figure holding a palm tree branch. The first symbolizes the allegory of progress, the second fight with evil.


Soviet tanks fired from Gellért’s mountain in Budapest both during World War II and the Hungarian uprising in 1956 (a little ironic, eh?).

  1. Erzsébet tér

This square is magical. Especially at night. The youth meet. Sits here on the grass or in some of the bars. The Atmosphere also does Sziget Eye – Imitation of London Eye. On the attraction you can ride for a few euros. It offers beautiful views of Pest. We just sat in the grass, drank the lemonade and enjoyed the atmosphere.

  1. Szent István-bazilika

Basilica of St. Stephen is a Roman Catholic basilica. It is named in honor of the first King of Hungary and Saint Stephen (975-1038), whose mummified hand is stored in the reliquary. It is the most important spiritual building in Hungary, one of the most sought-after tourist destinations and Hungary’s third tallest building. This is another place where it is best to go and enjoy. At least if you are such a lover of architecture as I am.

This is my six types to see in Budapest. Anyway, there’s much more here! In the next article I will write a few tips about traveling in Hungary. So… STAY TUNED!

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