Brussels. A very popular word recently. Very solved place. Brussels is the capital of Belgium. It has about 175,000 inhabitants and its area is 32.61 km². It is the seat of NATO and some of the institutions of the European Union and is therefore unofficially referred to as the “Capital of Europe”. It is also the capital of the Flemish Community and the Walloon-Brussels Federation (the French Community).


In November, when I was at a security seminar in the European Parliament, I was able to cross the city. What I liked the most?

  1. Exhibition. Van Gogh – The Immersive Experience


I will tell you a secret – I am big lover of Van Gogh. So when I learned that there was such an exibition here, it was a clear goal. Notice at the beginning – there are no original paintings. Thanks to the most recent virtual projection technology you will become a part of the universe of painter Vincent Van Gogh. The projection is in a beautiful building. You can lie down (there are mattresses and pillows) or sit on different seats. And just enjoy a 20-minute projection. You can visit it from 10 October 2018 to 6 January 2019 at the Brussels Stock Exchange (Bourse).

  1. Second-hands and vintage stores

I know, I know. I understand that someone does not like vintage store, but they are really great here! Here are my top 3 discoveries!

  1. Think Twice T2. This is a classic second hand. What most people imagine. You will find a lot of interesting things at a good price. At the end of the month there are great events – like one piece of clothing for one to five euros.
  2. Isabelle bajart. I would call it a second-hand boutique. There are high fashion brands such as Burberry, Chanel or Dior. The interior is pleasant. Apparel and accessories beautiful. The price corresponds brands.
  3. Gabriele Vintage. Real vintage is happening here! Some pieces are stolen from the museum (in a good sense). You can find here really original pieces even 100 years old but in good condition of course. Since some things never go out of fashion and others return to fashion, it’s worth a visit.


  1. Food

Fries, fries everywhere. Main or side dish. Salty, sweet. The same thing applies to waffles. Chocolate is also everywhere. Yes, when fries, wafles and chocolate are joined, what is it? Dietary’s nightmare. And also Brussels.

  1. House of European History

“A place to debate, question and reflect on Europe’s history.”

From myths and discoveries to the chaos and cohesion of the 20th century. I highly recommend this museum. You will get audioguides in your language. On their official site you will find information that the tour takes about 90 minutes. I’ve been there for over 3 hours, and it was not enough for me anyway.


Here are the four less common things I recommend in Brussels!


Stupid joke for better day – Brussels is not like Brussels (sprouts).