Explorers keep reporting apparent under-sea ruins off the coasts
of Cuba, Bimini and elsewhere in the Caribbean.

The seabed remains off Cuba are at a depth of 2,000 feet. Assuming
that these are man-made, would suggest that this dramatic drop
occurred around 2000 BC during the period of crustal adjustment
following the global cataclysm known among all cultures as the
Great Flood. (My date for this event is 2345 BC – arrived at from
at least 8 natural dating clocks).

(Toward the end of this report I shall say more on this dramatic
drop in the land level.)

Also, it should also be borne in mind that for 4,000 years, the
world’s sea level has been inching up – though not to the extent of
2,000 feet as would apply to the seabed off Cuba.

This gradual rise in sea level has been caused by
(a) the melting of the post-Flood ice and
(b) the gradual evaporation or outflow of post-Flood inland basins
to the sea.

The gradual rise of the oceans is thus another clear aftermath of
the Deluge. Flood waters left behind on the land, in the form of ice
or inland lakes, have been gradually returning to the oceans.  The
result has been not only a drying out of the land, but a corresponding
rise in sea level.

The Hadji Ahmed map of 1559, whose original source dates back thousands
of years, shows a landbridge between Siberia and Alaska, which existed
when the original map waws drawn (from which Ahmed later copied).

If the ocean between these two land masses were lowered 100 feet today,
there would be a dry-land path between them.

According to some oceanographers and geologists, the ocean level may
have been as much as 500 feet lower than today.

Ireland was connected with England; the North Sea was a great plain;
Italy was joined to Africa, and exposed land cut the Mediterranean into
two lakes.

Since then, the rising seas have engulfed coastal land and islands,
turning isthmuses into straits and large islands into underwater

Along many of the world’s shorelines are lost islands, now deep below
the sea, with remains of cities, palaces and temples.


In fact, most of the continental shelf, which marks the true boundaries
between the ocean basins and the continental areas, now lies under a
mean depth of 430 feet of water. (It ranges from 300 feet to about
1,500 feet.)

The present continental shelf probably defines the edge of the oceans
as they developed during the post-Flood glacial peak.  With the ice melt
and the draining or evaporation of inland basins, the seas rose, with
minor fluctuations, to their present level.

“The ocean basins can thus be characterized as overfull – water not
only fills the ocean basins proper, but extends out over the low margins
of the continents.”  So concludes a panel of geologists.

Oceanographers and geologists generally agree that a dramatic, rapid
rise of water occurred several thousand years ago.  This has slowed to
about 1.5 feet per century.


Around the world’s coastlines are undersea river canyons, which were
once above the ocean.  Such canyons cannot be cut underwater.

*  The submerged Hudson Canyon, one hundred miles long and hundreds of
feet deep, could only have been formed above water when this extension
of the Hudson River was dry land.
*  Off the coast of Europe are the Loire, Rhone, Seine and Tagus canyons.
The drowned Rhine Valley runs under the North Sea to disappear between
Norway and Scotland – showing that the North Sea was dry land.
*  Numerous other canyons were cut at the edge of the former ocean basin
(now submerged) : La Plata in Argentina, the Delaware and St. Lawrence
in North America, the Congo in West Africa.  Off the African west coast
are submerged river canyons whose rivers no longer exist in the
now-arid land.

All these canyons were cut out above water.  Now they are submerged.


The curious Buache map was copied from sources whose origins are lost in
antiquity.  This ancient “treasure map” portrays correctly the location
of the Canary Islands and the correct outline of an underwater plateau
which formed their extended shape before the oceans rose.

Anciently, the Greek islands would have been larger and more numerous,
as well.  The Ibn Ben Zara map of 1487 (likewise copied from charts
apparently thousands of years old) does in fact show many islands which
are now under water.


In fact, there is evidence suggesting that as the ocean level rose, it
back-filled the Mediterranean.

And as the Mediterranean rose, it back-filled the Black Sea. Consequently,
a number of post-Flood roads and settlements became permanently submerged.

This explains the drowned remains found in the Black Sea by Russian
scientists in the 1950s and later by Robert Ballard.

During an exploration of the seabed, Soviet archaeologists discovered the
legendary town of Diosuria at the bottom of the Black sea, off Sukhumi.

Then, in September, 2000, at 311 feet beneath the surface of the Black
Sea, Ballard’s team, with a submersible, discovered a collapsed man-made
building with planks and beams.

Ballard said, “If you drained it back, it would be rolling countryside
with meandering streams. We located the countryside and located the river

The media saw this as evidence of a local flood that may have inspired
the biblical story of Noah.

How little do they know! What Ballard found was a post-Flood regional
catastrophe that occurred several hundred years after the world-wide Flood
– when melting glaciers raised sea level until the waters of the
Mediterranean breached the natural dam of the Bosphorus.

Sea water which had first come in from the Atlantic to fill the
Mediterranean, now from the Mediterranean poured into the Black Sea basin.

It poured in at 200 times the volume of Niagara Falls. The heavier salt
water plunged to the bottom of the existing fresh water lake and began to
fill the basin like a bathtub. This rising lake-sea inundated and submerged
thousands of square miles of land, destroying local communities, killing
people and wiping out plants and animals. But that was NOT Noah’s Flood.


In the Mediterranean, silting – as well as uplifting – of land has
occurred – so that some ancient ports, such as Ephesus, Priene and Miletus
are now miles from the sea. And the remains of the former ancient harbour
city of Phalassarna, in Crete, lie 20 feet above sea level, on the cliffs!

Conversely, other ruins, such as a temple at Pozzuoli on the coast of
Italy have sunk… then come back up again. This temple now shows the
distinct holes left by underwater borers from prolonged immersion
20 feet under the sea!

In the Mediterranean, earth movements resulting from earthquakes and
volcanoes account for most of the submerged cities, but not all.
Because of the general rising of the water level of the Mediterranean,
large sections of cities well known to history are now under water.

Among these are Baise (a sort of ancient Las Vegas), numerous points along
Italy’s western coast, cities along the Adriatic coast of Yugoslavia,
parts of Syracuse in Sicily, Lepis Magna in Libya, as well as the ancient
harbours of Tyre and Caesarea.

There are more than 250 known drowned cities in the Mediterranean.

Helike is believed to lie on the sea bottom near Corinth.  In ancient
times this sunken city was a tourist attraction for Roman visitors to
Greece.  They used to pass over it in boats, admiring the ruins visible
through the clear water.  The statue of Zeus, still standing, was clearly
visible on the bottom.

The small island of Malta, with its giant megaliths, gives evidence of
having once been part of a larger, now drowned, land.


A thousand feet offshore from the island of Melos are the ruins of an
ancient city at a depth extending to 400 feet.  From it there branch out
roads, descending even deeper – to unknown destinations.
Jacques Costeau found on the sea bottom another paved road far out in the
Sicily was once joined to Italy by land over which ships now sail.


As for the seabed remains at a depth of 2,000 feet off Cuba, the
evidence suggests this occurred around 2000 BC during the period of
crustal adjustment following the global cataclysm known as the
Great Flood.

It took the earth’s crust millennia to settle down. During the adjustment,
lava continued to flow.  Isolated areas of land were submerged or raised
thousands of feet.

Today these effects are being felt only to a comparatively minor degree.

Still, it should be mentioned that even in modern times, the ocean has
been known to raise or lower its islands or its depths, as much as
thousands of feet. No need to invoke long evolutionary periods.


In my book “The Corpse Came Back” and also in one of my DVDs is a report
on the raising of Tiahuanaco,  around 2000 BC from sea level to its
current elevation of 12,000 feet above sea level.This South American
site was once a seaport. Now it sits on the Andes Range.


* Did you know that a recent Chilean earthquake elevated parts of the
coastline 1,000 feet?

* Alaska’s Good Friday earthquake of March, 1964, lowered the floor
of Seward harbour by 315 feet.

* During the 1755 Lisbon earthquake, a new marble quay upon which
crowds of people had collected for safety, suddenly sank. The water
now covers it by 600 feet.

* Tuanaki Island in the Cook group sank into the Pacific Ocean with
13,000 inhabitants in 1843.  One morning, fishermen left the island
in their boats. When they returned home at night, the island was

* In 1923, technicians of a Western Telegraph ship searching for a
lost cable in the Atlantic Ocean detected that the cable had been
thrown up by the rising ocean bed 2¼  miles in only 25 years.
That’s right.  A 12,000 foot rise in one spot!

* Again, in 1929, the Great Banks seaquake resulted in the cutting of
the northern series of transatlantic cables. When the cables were
repaired, measurements of the sea floor indicated that certain
areas had suddenly risen almost 5,000 feet.

* In May, 1973, part of the Banin Trench near Japan rose 6,000 feet.

* The 1960 earthquake which wiped out the Moroccan city of Agadir,
uplifted the land from about 90 feet (close to the shore) to around
3,300 feet (several miles from the shore). This occurred in only
45 seconds!

* In Japan, a few years later, a two-minute quake sank the bottom of
the sea around Izu Peninsula well over 1,000 feet.  It also sank
many houses in the new subdivisions along the coast right into the
shale bedrock, which liquified.  This led to comprehensive research
in Japan to determine how long and of what strength a quake need be
to cause rock liquefaction. The result was startling. It was found
that medium strength metamorphic rock can liquefy within minutes.


On January 26, 1700 the coastal area of British Columbia and north
western U.S.A. was hit by a massive earthquake. A tsunami surged across
the Pacific Ocean to Japan. People there recorded the date.

Astonishingly, archaeologists have found remains of canoes on the edges
of almost vertical cliffs, as high up as 4,000 feet above sea level!

Today’s native elders relate that their ancestors had to run for high
mountains… how raging sea carried some of them in their canoes high up
the cliffs, where they survived. Heroic deeds of survivors
are still recited.

Here, then, is evidence of either a sudden, violent uplifting of the
coast to a height of 4,000 feet, or, as the local people claim, a strong
earthquake which created a tsunami up to 4,000 feet in height.
This quake occurred between Vancouver Island and the mainland, which
has a variable distance of plus/minus only 16 miles (25 kilometres) of
open sea. This tsunami rushed into a narrow inlet where the town of
Bella Coola is today.


During   an   earthquake   off   the   northern   tip  of  Sumatra
on December 26, 2004,  the  sea  bottom  in the Straits of Malacca
uplifted almost 4,000 in only about 3 minutes.

The US-based National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency, which analyses
spy satellite imagery and produces maps and charts for the Defence
Department, was reported to have received information that one area
of the Straits of Malacca, which separates Malaysia from the Indonesian
island of Sumatra had its depth cut from 4,060 feet to 105 feet.

In another affected area, a merchant marine ship logged that the depth
was cut from 3,855 feet to just 92 feet.   The US Navy reportedly sent
two ships to re-chart the waters. Sonar images from British navy ship
HMS Scott showed the massive uplift of a large area 10 kilometres wide
and up to 1.5 kilometres high (4,800 feet plus).

It is by no means impossible, therefore, that the remains on the
Caribbean seabed could be man-made and were dropped suddenly in the
past few thousand years.

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