If I owned an island, this is what I would want…


The location would need to be exotic with stunning scenery, easy to reach, idyllic and wallowing in a good climate.


Synonymous with ownership of such magnitude, an island should be shared with those who would appreciate it. I would therefore create a resort to appeal to a variety of interests, based upon its surrounding natural resources and habitat.


Luxury would be the underlying theme. Stylish villas would offer high standards of comfort, all looking out to stunning views in an atmosphere of tranquillity. Boardwalks would trail pathways from hilltop locations to villas built on stilts in the sea. A lush rainforest skirting the circumference of white sandy beaches would blurr the edges of clear, emerald blue water.

Sea Villa

Sadly, I don’t own an island, but my ideals have been translated into reality with Pangkor Laut. This destination is a 300 acres private island resort off the west coast of Malaysia, sitting between Kuala Lumpur and Penang.


I stayed in a wooden sea villa, perched on stilts with waves lapping underneath. The bathtub looked out to sea within a spacious bathroom that could be separated from the bedroom by dividing doors. The rather expansive deck offered views similar to a cruise ship, the feeling of being out at sea, but with the convenience of a land base.


There are several stylish restaurants and bars on the resort and a private beach area on the other side of the island, but my attraction was drawn to the dedicated spa area.

Spa Village

Aptly named the Spa Village, this section of the resort is designed around specially built structures. The extensive range of treatments are derived from Malaysian cultures together with treatments from Japan, China, India, Thailand and Bali. Treatments are preceded by a unique Bath House Ritual that includes a footbath and Chinese foot pounding, a Malay circulating bath, Japanese-style cleansing with a goshi-goshi cloth, a Shanghai Scrub gentle exfoliating wash and a cup of calming tea before the actual treatment begins.  Over 50 treatments allow you to customise your own spa experiences or go with the flow of their tailored packages. At the end you are rewarded with a pure relaxation state of mind and a momento batik sarong.


The stunning Spa was opened and endorsed by Pavarotti in 2002.  This larger than life character visited the island resort on several occasions favouring the hill top locations.  Like him, this is an island definitely to sing about.


Jane Wilson, The Healthcare Holiday.