In 1946, project Diana bounces radar waves off the Moon proving that communication between Earth and outer space is possible. In 1946, the current US President Donald Trump was born.

In 1946, Guy McAfee, who shifted from a law enforcement officer to an ex-captain of a vice squad, ending up being a Mob Boss, built his dream property The Golden Nugget Hotel Casino, located at Fremont and First street.

a SignatureAs I mentioned before, the Fremont experience is a long lasting one. There’s too much to see, a whole lot to enjoy, and a boat load to learn.

You cannot cross the Fremont street without noticing the greatness of the first four-diamond rated resort by the Mobile Travel Guide. In 1984, Frank Sinatra and Willie Nelson had performed at the Golden Nugget, so I had to check this place out.

I couldn’t tell how many main entrances the hotel has, all I know is that I did not come out from where I came in.

Signature“What stimulates all these people to gamble over and over ? “, that was the question I carried with me inside, hoping I would come out with some answers. All I came out with was empty pockets. Are they using magic ? Are they teaching the employees some kind of hypnosis to be practised on customers ?  They probably do.

“The Tank”, it was the first game I bumped into on my way in. I played it and I lost, yes I did. I didn’t play because the game was interesting, I never knew that game before. I know the game was silly, you gamble money on pictures or numbers, the host spin the wheel and you wait for it to stop on what you expected.  I played because of Liana, the game host. She hits me with a pretty wide smile soon as i stepped close, drugged me into a long personal conversation, so I had to keep playing in order to finish the conversation which was profitable, in some ways. Was that one of the spells ?  It probably was.

SignatureMcAfee was very picky with the decoration of the Golden Nugget. He demanded fixtures 50 years or older, opting for Victorian carved wood and marble imported from Italy to fashion a decor based on the original Golden Nugget bar in San Francisco. I still can sense the McAfee vision of the interior although the innovations. Looking at the hallways, the roofs, the grounds. It’s just amazing how much money these people spend to take over people’s minds.

a SignatureThe inside of the Golden Nugget is a whole world on itself. You drink. You go play, you win then you lose. You meet new people, you make new friends and sometimes you make enemies. You go upstairs to “Troy Club” and dance. You can go swim. By the end of the night, you go eat whatever food you desire then you take yourself to a room and sleep. It’s all inside the Golden Nugget.

In 1980, a fine-quality gold nugget was found in Australia by Kevin Hillierusing a metal detector. It was bought by the Golden Nugget Casino for over a million dollar and it’s now on a public display. I don’t know why McAfee chose that name  from the first place but I guess a meaning was given to it purchasing “The Hand of Faith”.

b Signature“Blackjack” is one of my favorite card games. The minimum bet at the Casino was 5 $ which is acceptable. I picked a table and I played for a while. I do not like the slots machines, may be because I still can’t understand their dynamic.

I spent hours inside the Golden Nugget and still I didn’t explore most of it. I was exhausted. It was time to leave before i get stuck.