Halloween is around the corners, and I have been thinking of something exciting to do. It’s been a very long time since I’ve experienced something unusual but at that time I had no interest and no idea about the supernatural. Thinking about Halloween today made me question if what I’ve seen was real. I made a list of places to go, places that might be the gate to the answers I’m looking for. The Clark County Museum is my starting point in Las Vegas.

The Clark County Museum is located in Henderson. It is one of the coolest places I’ve been to. It only charges $2, it’s wide and open, a great place for a family day. It focuses on the history of Nevada especially the early Natives so it embraces a large number of collections that go back to different eras of the history of Nevada. Very interesting stuff, but more interesting is the Heritage Street which contains about eight historic buildings. Houses and shops were removed from their original places and brought to the museum to be renovated and refurnished as they were in their time. Most of them were very known by having a supernatural presence. They were or may still be haunted.

I personally do not believe that the human spirits can still have effect on our world no matter how the person died, but I surely believe that there is an unknown parallel world to ours that might somehow for some reason shows or proves its presence around us.

The Beckley House was built in 1912 for Will Beckley, downtown at 120 S. Fourth Street. I’ve heard stories that the museum’s staff witnessed some weird events inside and around the house when it was placed. There were reports of seeing a ghostly little girl standing by the staircase that leads to the attic where the Beckley’s kids used to hang out. Stories about seeing a butt print on the bed after straightening it, voices and moans were heard inside the empty house. Of course I couldn’t get to talk with anyone about those mysterious events. Neither could I find any information on why it became haunted from the first place. All I know is that the tour inside that little house was amazing. I should probably try and visit it at night time.

The Giles/Barcus House, built in Goldfield in 1905, purchased by Edwin Schofield Giles and his wife Edith Corliss Giles in 1928, brought to Las Vegas in 1955 by their daughter Edith Giles Barcus and it served as an antique shop. Goldfield is famously known as the Ghost Town. Goldfield was founded in 1892 due to the discovery of a gold ore. Five years after, Goldfield was left abandoned. Many attempts to restore it were made but the curse never left the city. The most known incident in the Giles house was hearing piano music playing.

An entity might develop a certain connection with a specific abandoned place or object and the possibility that the entity might lose this connection can be the reason why it tries to connect.