It’s been a long time since I have last wrote or published anything. I was pushed to make that choice by the new lifestyle I got myself into. That was one of the worst choices I have ever made in my life, and today I am glad that I realized that and back away from it. My downfall dragged me into a dark hole in which I lost myself, I lost my way, I lost my faith and most importantly I lost my imagination. Writing is the flashlight I carry to walk my way through the darkness, it’s where my pure honesty lays, it’s how I best connect with people I’ve lost. My way was filled with rocks and stones, the reason why stones are going to be the first topic to write about.

Stonehenge is an ancient mystery that scientists and archaeologists are still trying to understand it. I haven’t been to the real Stonehenge since it’s in South Great Britain, but I was driving around until I saw a circle of huge stones on the other side of the road, so I headed toward it and it was a replica of the real Stonehenge erected in about six weeks, made from limestone that weigh 15 to 20 tons. Why there’s a replica in America? May be because the American government is trying to embrace other nations’ cultures and history; African, Asian, Hispanic, European…etc,  since there’s no raw American culture, we all know the multi-cultural feature of America as it’s called, but still these are just my personal thoughts.

Archaeologists have been trying to decode the secret behind the Stonehenge for centuries but it is still unknown. The way Stonehenge was built, the choice of place, the shape of the building, how the stones were formed and beautifully detailed can only be one out to two ways ; either based on a very developed sophisticated science or based on magic. A variety of myths have been shared, some opinions have associated Stonehenge with the concept of life and death. In the 1920’s, nearly 60 human burials were excavated in the outer ring of 56 pits known as the Aubrey holes, but the discoveries were hardly acknowledged due to not having the means to study them at that time because they were cremation burials, so they were reburied in 1935 inside Aubrey hole number 7. Yet, the first known excavation at Stonehenge, in the centre of the monument, was undertaken in the 1620s by the Duke of Buckingham, prompted by a visit by King James I. Who are those people who were chosen to be buried at the Stonehenge? Why? Who buried them? Up to now those are still questions left for our imagination because there is still not reasonable, realistic explanation yet. Other theories believed that the Stonehenge was built by Aliens as proof of their advance existence. A variety of other theories were carried on through generations, such as Stonehenge is used for time travelling, also with the 14th century belief that Stonehenge was built by Merlin the Sorcerer. As for I, knowing that science and today technology are unable to uncover its secret, I first thought of the Giant people of Aad (قوم عاد) and their Prophet Hud or Eber whom remains were found in the deserts of Saudi Arabia.



Around 3000 BC Stonehenge was built, if it wasn’t for magic, if it was not Giant people who built it, but normal people like us today whom we refer to as primitive, rudimentary, unsophisticated, yet with all the technological evolution and growth we have today still we can’t figure out even how or why those primitive built Stonehenge. So that pushes me to ask who is really primitive, us today or the people who existed thousands of years ago?