Fort Smith, Arkansas is a great place to live in, for the people who are done with their life and career and want some ‘me-time’, not for the ones with the energy to go. I needed a more fast-paced place, and Las Vegas was the first on my mind, for once because I visited it few times before as it’s only 2 hours away, by plane, for two, everyone knows or heard about it. I have no idea how much people know about it though, even its inhabitant probably don’t know much.

I left Fort Smith on Friday around 1:00 pm. I reached Las Vegas around 5:00 am on Saturday. I only stopped for gas. Four days after, I started to work with food delivery services. I drove around downtown several times and couldn’t wait for the chance to really spend a day out there, because everybody is being telling that I have to live the Freemont Street experience.

CopyIn 1821, on his way to Los Angeles, Rafael Rivera stopped for water. Green valleys and wells all around the stopping area. This is where the name ‘Las Vegas’ came from, which means “the meadows” in Spanish. “We encamped in the midst of another large basin, at a camping ground called Las Vegas – a term which the Spanish use to signify fertile or marshy plains”, John C. Fremont wrote in his diary. The Fremont Street was named after John C. Fremont, it was the first paved street in Las Vegas.

CopyFarmers from Utah were mostly the first people encouraged to populate in the area. Thanks to the Mafia at that time, Las Vegas became what we see today, as the Mafia started building casinos and showgirl theaters to entertain the young male workers of the Boulder Dam. Everybody knows what a young male would need in a deserted place. So the main concept of Las Vegas was found by the Mafia, I don’t know if that would be considered a good or a bad creation.

CopyCompared to the ‘new strip’, downtown or ‘the old strip’, today is considered the real container of happiness especially after being renewed and developed. People from all ages, from all social classes, are able to enjoy the same experiences. Everything in downtown is still reasonably priced; the food, drinks, gambling as u still can see a 5$ blackjack table, and. anything desirable.

Just by walking along the Fremont Street, under a 1500 foot long video screen, watching people performing and revealing their talents and using it in an entertaining way to make a living is priceless.

There’s so much to talk about after living the Fremont street experience. Every single step, every single spot, every single place, every small area has given me a whole different feeling, different emotion, different atmosphere. I will probably need a couple of articles in order to describe my experience on Fremont Street and give an eye then to the rest of downtown Las Vegas.