Several years ago, two men – Jack and Bill (surnames
unknown) – were exploring in Death Valley, near Wingate
Pass, when one of them fell through the bottom of an old
mine shaft.

They claimed to have found themselves in a natural
underground cavern which they followed about 20 miles
northward into the heart of the Panamint Mountains.

“To our amazement,” they reported, “we found ourselves in
a huge, ancient, underground cave city.

“As we explored, we came upon several perfectly preserved
‘mummies’ They wore thick arm bands, and had gold spears.

“The place seemed to have been abandoned for ages, except
for the mummies. The entire underground system looked
very ancient.

“It was apparently once lit by an ingenious system of
lights fed by subterranean gases.

“In one spot was a polished round table. The thought
crossed our minds that it may have been part of an
ancient council chamber.

“There were also large statues of solid gold. And stone
vaults and drawers full of gold bars and all sorts of

“We were intrigued by some heavy stone wheelbarrows. They
were so perfectly balanced and scientifically-constructed
that even a child could use them.

The men reported that throughout the city were huge stone
doors which were almost perfectly balanced by counter-

They followed the caverns upwards to a higher level. The
caverns ultimately opened out onto the face of the
Panamint Mountains, about half-way up the eastern slope.


There were a few exits in the form of tunnel-like quays.

It appeared obvious that the valley below was once under
water. After some thought, they concluded that the arched
openings were ancient ‘docks’ for sea vessels.

Far below in the valley, they could pick out Furnace Creek
Ranch and Wash.

The explorers brought out with them some of the treasure
and tried to set up a deal with certain people, including
scientists associated with the Smithsonian Institute. The
idea was to gain help to explore and publicize the city
as one of the ‘wonders of the world’.

However, to their bitter disappointment, a ‘friend’ stole
the treasure (which was also the evidence).

And worse, they were rejected and scoffed at by the
scientists when they went to show them the ‘mine’
entrance and could not find it. It appeared that a recent
cloud-burst had altered the entire landscape. It did not
look like it had been before.

When Bill and Jack were last seen, they were preparing to
climb the east face of the Panamints to locate the
ancient tunnel openings or quays high up the side of the
steep slope.

But they were not seen again.


In 1946 a retired physician by the name of F. Bruce
Russell told a similar story.

He claimed to have discovered strange underground rooms
in the Death Valley area in 1931. He spoke of a large
room with several tunnels leading off in different

One of these tunnels led to another large room. It
contained three mummies.

He identified artifacts in the room as similar in design
to a combination of Egyptian and American Indian.


What struck him most about the mummies though was their
size – more than eight feet tall.

Dr. Russell and a group of investors launched “Amazing
Explorations, Inc” to handle the release, and profit,
from this find.

But, Russell vanished. And although he had personally
taken his friends there, they were never able to find the
caverns and tunnels again.

The desert can be very deceiving to anyone not used to
traveling it.

Months later, Russell’s car was found abandoned, with a
burst radiator, in a remote area of Death Valley. His
suitcase was still in the car.

Wouldn’t you to know what went on here long, long ago!

Okay, , are you ready for this delicious
fruit salad of ancient secrets?

For starters, feast with me on this sample:

LETTER WRITING: Would you like to know what kind of
letters people wrote 2,400 years ago? Would you like
to see an actual letter that a scared passenger wrote
on board a ship?

MICRO TECHNOLOGY: Did you know that thousands of
years ago, mankind was able to manufacture micro-filigree
objects from 1.2 inches (3 cm) down to an incredible
0.003 millimeters – something our technology is only
now just beginning to achieve?

MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Were you aware that a reed
musical instrument of ancient Greece is virtually
the same as one played in the Solomon Islands and
the Andes highlands of South America? It has an
almost identical structure. Even the pitch is the

UNDERSEA TUNNEL: Did Gibraltar’s apes really
migrate through an undersea tunnel from Africa?

MYSTERY ON MARS: Strange tear-shaped objects
recently discovered on Mars were described also by
our ancient ancestors? How did they know?

POWER DRILLS: Did you know that Egyptian drills
were turning “500 times faster” than modern power

CEMENT TOO STRONG TO BREAK: Have you heard about
the cement, as thin as a sheet of tissue paper,
that joins the massive stones of the Great Pyramid?
And can hold a vertical joint as large as 5 feet
by 7 feet in area. The cement is so tough that the
limestone blocks will break before the cement gives
way. Modern chemists can analyse this cement, but

VALLEYS OF POISON: Do you know about the mysterious
valleys of poison on Indonesia’s island of Java?

LOST AUSTRALIAN CITY:  Have you heard of the secret
city of Burrungu, which the Australian aborigines
claim is hidden in the remote hinterlands of northern
Australia? Three white men who have visited its
remains reported ruined walls, stone houses, wide
courtyards, and stately arches that look down upon
statues set along tree-shaded streets.

BOOMERANGS:  Were you aware that not only the
Australian aborigines, but also ancient races in
Arizona, in the Arctic Circle, India, Egypt,
Germany, Indonesia, the Pacific and Africa, all used
the boomerang?

TAXIS WITH METERS: Have you heard about the ‘taxis’
complete with automatic meters that were used by the
ancient Romans.

earlier reports of Egyptian mummies and artefacts
in Grand Canyon tunnels are looking more plausible
now, since a more recent backpackers’ discovery?

CHEMISTRY SCIENCE: Analysis of the contents of
ancient cosmetic jars has revealed that the ancient
Egyptians practised  sophisticated chemistry
techniques 4,000 years ago.

EVERYDAY LIVING: Here are some more everyday items
used in the ancient world: Table cloths, Table
napkins, Paper money, Mittens, Wigs, Brushes and
combs, Face powder and rouge, Iron pens with
diamond points. And that’s just for starters!

DROWNED CITIES: The remains of hundreds of cities
drowned by rising sea level, are known to exist
around the coastlines of the earth. Many of these
have not yet been explored.

EGYPTIAN SPHINX: Startling new evidence about the
true age of the Sphinx

ANCIENT BULLETS: The skull of an Egyptian priest
named Nesperennub, now in the British Museum, shows
a round hole consistent with having been made by a
fast moving bullet.

THE BLACK KNIGHT: Is an ancient satellite really
still orbiting the earth? How many scientists have
now seen it?

CHINESE FLEET INCINERATED: When a huge comet struck
the sea less than 100 miles from a Chinese fleet off
the coast of New Zealand, many of the ships were
incinerated and the blazing wrecks were carried by
a massive tsunami toward the coast of New Zealand,
and at a far greater distance, the Australian
coastline. Some of the evidence still survives.

LABYRINTH: What is the truth about Egypt’s mysterious
underground Labyrinth, described by Herodotus as “an
endless wonder to me”? Do secret tunnels really
connect the Sphinx with various pyramids?

FORCE FIELD: Have you heard of the Chinese royal
neck ornament which created a protective force field

around its wearer?

AUTOMATIC DOORS: Are you aware of the automatic doors
and perpetual lights reported by visitors to
underground locations in Egypt?

HUGE ANCIENT SHIPS: Ocean going vessels of the
ancient Greeks were up to 600 feet long and could
carry crews of 600.  Egyptian open sea ships were as
long as 350 feet, with as many as four decks.

CITIES OF GIANTS:  Ancient cities built by a race
of giants survive – empty – in southern Syria, with
huge gates, high ceiling rooms, paved streets.
All intact, with not a person in sight.

unlikely places are pyramids and sphinxes, still
awaiting exploration.

ATLANTIS:  What and where was Atlantis – really?

mysterious shamir, used in the construction of the
Temple of Solomon in Jerusalem? Apparently, it was
capable of cutting the toughest materials “without
friction nor heat”, and we are told it was reportedly
“noiseless”, and could slice through diamonds!

used parts of it with guides to travel up to 100
miles underground and undetected on one branch of it
upon several occasions.

“But there are many branches off of it, and I did not
have the time to investigate it fully as to where all
the exits and entrances were, but was told various

“This is how certain Mayans can ‘pop up’ many miles
from their home locations at a lot of places in
Central America, and visit with friends and family
members without ever being detected by Government
forces out to kill or capture them.”

OTHER MYSTERIES: Alchemy, magic mirrors and lights
over pyramids… and more to explore!


1. Why did a Queensland University send an archaeologist
to an archaeological site, with orders to report back
that “NOTHING” was there!

2. Why are the public officially banned from seeing
certain ancient drawings in a cave in France? Is this
information too DANGEROUS?

3. Why does the Smithsonian Institute Board of Regents
still refuse to open up its meetings to the news media
or the public?

4. After the discovery of an ancient underground
chamber containing metallic aluminium sheets, clear
plastic cubes, and diagrams of FLYING CRAFT, incredibly
detailed star charts, designs for buildings, pictures
of various SURGERIES being performed, and humans
walking among DINOSAURS – why did U.S. army personnel
seize the land and cover it with fresh soil?

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