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A Place to Stay –  Finca la Fronda

Finca la Fronda
Finca la Fronda

A cat lies motionless in flickering shadows cork oak trees. Its whiskers barely move in the welcome breeze. Except for a dog’s bark in the distance, a lone donkey braying and cicadas humming peace prevails.

Green, blue and terracotta reign. I see nothing more. Terracotta pots and terrace tiles merge with greenery climbing the walls, scrubby grass and a vast ocean of trees fading into the blue sky. I’m in the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Arache one of Spain’s largest Starlight Reserves, imagine that expanse of raw nature in which sits the low sturcture of Finca la Fronda.


When you leave the winding road following the Finca la Fronda signs a short mountain track leads to your cosily sited, tree surrounded destination. Homely, relaxing, quiet.


Dinner with a View
Dinner with a View

Owned and run by the great, great, great grandson of William Wordsworth and his children this purpose built finca with seven bedrooms is a little bit of heaven. Not only that it is the only hotel in the world where you will find a piece of poetry on your pillow. No need to say by who. It also has piano and song evenings with a menu of songs diners can choose in both English and Spanish. This is a touch of pure England in the wilds of Spain.



Ctra HU8105 km 24

21340 Alajar


+34 959 501 247



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