It’s been an odd month so far and we’re just over halfway through. The early part of the month saw me visiting family in the UK on a short jaunt. It’s very hard to imagine when 35c has been the norm for weeks that long sleeves and socks may be needed over there. I quite often get it wrong and take inappropriate clothes. This time I was also wrong. The first couple of days were in the late 20s but so awfully humid then the next two rained and wind howled. I have so forgotten the unpredictably of England’s weather. Taking the hire car back to the airport at the end of my trip the heavens opened and I sat there in the car until it eased off a little and was rescued with an umbrella. Then arriving back at Malaga airport at 9.30 pm and walking through the doors to an oven-hot blast of heat made me realise I’d forgotten how hot it is here too!!

Time is flying by because life has become crazy. Our holiday home was busy in July and three weeks out of four booked this month, the best year ever. But it’s time to move on and we’ve put it on the market as a family home not a commercial business because we’re taking on a estate agency franchise. If you’re looking for a house in inland Andalucia, Jaen is my area…. and the name of the estate agency Inland Andalucia.


Olive Trees and Baked Earth

Olive Trees and Baked Earth

So writing and tripping have been overtaken by changeovers, painting the new office and searching for the right car, which has to be white. I never realised buying a car was so tricky and those, looking at cars, have been the only trips this week. But we always see beautiful scenery and heading to the Renaissance town of Ubeda with a stunning backdrop of the mountain ranges of Cazorla Natural Park is always a treat.




In Andalucia most things grind to a halt for the annual holiday fortnight. For example we went to try and match up or buy new laminate flooring and thought OK it’s probably closed in the afternoons in August. How wrong we were! The sign on the door said ‘ Closed 9th August – 1st September’! Can you believe it. How can businesses survive. Lots of shops have ‘closed Friday afternoons and Saturday mornings in August’ signs and to top that our local town has it’s annual fiesta which is supposed to be four days and manages to last a week with, you guessed it, everywhere closing.

Progress and waiting has been the name of the game. Office furniture, sign writer’s all are closed for the holiday fortnight so what would have taken three or four weeks is now taking six or seven as we will find out. Mid September is the hoped for date to open the doors.

Wherever we go there’s a necessary bar stop. Passing through Baeza the UNESCO town twinned with Ubeda we spotted a roadside bar that looked very busy, always a good sign. Choosing a table we were treated to a side street view of the setting sun and boy what a kaleidoscope of colours. Constantly changing through red, orange, yellow, blue and aubergine, we wished we had our cameras to do some time lapse shots.


Urban Sunset

Urban Sunset Baeza

Two evenings in a row, one to see a car and again to pick it up, gave us fabulous vistas and panoramic settings of the sun creating a surreal feel and alternating between the air con and open windows because the heat and the dark made me drowsy and the cold air kept me on my toes.

So with a new, unplanned, chapter zooming ahead I’ll be travelling around my local area lots more and interacting with new people too – I can’t wait. My first visit to list a house was great as we ended up chatting about how she makes her lentils and showing me their lunch-to-be in a pot, there were two whole tomatoes in it. That is a new one on me. I’m not sure whether I’ll be trying that out or not – but definitely not in the summer! To me that’s a cold weather, winter warmer dish not one for HOT days.

So I’m life changing at change of life time and excited I am. Hope you are enjoying your August, summer or winter wherever you are.

B C I ing U in two weeks….